Apple Posts (iPod Touch) 2.1 Guided Tour

Continuing their all iPod Touch, almost no iPhone pre-holiday blitz, Apple has released a guided tour for the new, second generation device and its upgraded 2.1 firmware (available Friday for Touch and iPhone users alike).

The focus remains squarely on games. Sweating yet, Nintendo and Sony? But also shows off the new Genius feature. (Which we'll be getting on the iPhone as well, right Steve?!)

(via TUAW)

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Apple Posts (iPod Touch) 2.1 Guided Tour


Wheres the features that the CUSTOMERS want and not the unexpected features APPLE implements in a lame update to 2.1.

I notice the information about 2.1 was typically vague. Bug fixes and "performance enhancements" plus a bit about extended battery life and better 3G - where's the detail??

so I jailbroke my ipod and it was fantastic but then I was having wifi issues so I restored everything and had an update on itunes so I updated it and then tried to reinstall blackra1n on my ipod but it wont work it gives me a blank screen on my ipod instead of the blackra1n homescreen and when I try to restore it on my computer it gives me an error every time what do I do?