Apple posts full WWDC 2013 keynote video to watch back at your leisure

Apple posts WWDC 2013 keynote video

For those who missed the WWDC keynote today, or for those who want to see it again, Apple has posted the video on its website.

Apple announced new models of the MacBook Air, teased the new Mac Pro, and unveiled OS X Mavericks and iOS 7. Check out the video to see what Apple had to say and stay tuned to iMore for more coverage of WWDC 2013.

Source: Apple

Joseph Keller

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Dionte says:

I'm watching it right now.

rodneyej says:

!!! Pathetic !!!.... iOS 7 is a blatant copy of Windows Phones design.. iOS is now the generic version of WP. Apple has severely disappointed with this total lack of innovation, and its just sad that they would call the design of iOS 7 their own.. Anyone who disagrees with the fact that Apple made a sad, incompetent, untalented, decision to steal Windows Phone design is in serious denial.. Tell me one thing.. how can i fans stand the fact that their devices are going to be nothing but WP knockoffs now?.. How can you claim this as your own? Are you really going to use this?


igotberryfever says:

Oh and BB10 Apple is a copy cat always has been. Just they have the people fooled into thinking they invented stuff. Even the name iPhone and I pad are stolen. Can't sell IPhone in Mexico and can't sell I pad in China. Hmmm

rodneyej says:

Do you think that Apple was obviously influenced by the design of WP7.x/WP8.x??
PLEASE!.... Once again!..!11937&app=Pow...

GOPphil81 says:

No. Slacker radio was though.

GOPphil81 says:

When will they post it in the postcast section? I want to watch it on my flight tomorrow.

GOPphil81 says:

A lot of apple haters on this site. Why do you fee the need to come here and cause trouble. If you love your windows phone so much that stop worrying about apple and read your own dam blogs.

dan_es_4 says:

does anyone know how to watch it fullscreen? i have watching it on the browser but apple hasnt uploaded the keynote on their podcast yet...

ZkiZZoiD says:

Damn these windows phone users.. Get lost!