Apple praises Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage

Apple praises Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage

Apple, has released a statement in support of this morning's rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8, which effectively banned same-sex marriage in the state of California. Speaking with All Things D, and Apple spokesman praised the decisions, calling marriage a civil rights issue.

“Apple strongly supports marriage equality and we consider it a civil rights issue. We applaud the Supreme Court for its decisions today,” an Apple spokesman told AllThingsD in a statement.

Back in February, Apple joined other tech companies including Facebook, Google, and Intel in supporting same-sex marriage. At the time, the companies argued that California's ban led to decreased company morale and hurt recruiting efforts.

Source: All Things D

Joseph Keller

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Munale says:

Great. Now about fixing the ugliness that is ios7....

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cc3d says:

who gives a shit what Apple supports? Did anybody ask Exxon if they support it?

2oh1 says:

I'm the straightest of straight, but I'm not ok with discrimination against others. The way I see it, tolerating discrimination against any means accepting discrimination against all. I stand up for gay rights because I would hope that gay people (or anyone else, for that matter) would stand up if my rights were denied.

I like supporting companies whose values I can respect. So, as you would say, I give a shit.

Premium1 says:

There is so much discrimination that this is nothing. Marriage for gays( where legal) they should get the same rights as normal married couples. But other than that I feel as though it tarnishes the value of marriage but then again so does all these super rich celebs that have 6 marriages in a year. It's a shame..

tigerinexile says:

That's interesting. A little sad, because Exxon's predecessor company/brand, Esso, had a good history -- they defied Jim Crow.

"The Green Book sustained itself for thirty years (1936-1966) by appealing to black middle class travelers and to white liberal supporters. The Standard Oil Corporation sponsored the Green Book and circulated it to their Esso gas station patrons."

Derrick4Real says:

And I care. I don't like to give my money to companies that don't share my values.

stephen007 says:

By that logic, I would need to consider the values of Target, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Chili's, BP, Mobil, Amazon, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Best Buy, Mike's Chicken Shack, Pick 'n Save, Chipotle, Skechers, Hanes... I'm not sure when I would live my life when I wasn't researching who made the underwear that are riding up my ass.

Johnbibbs says:

I'm with you. I'd rather companies and celebrities just keep their mouths shut.

Derrick4Real says:

I say you should but that's your choice. It's your choice to decide how deep your conviction is. But people do it all the time. It's not new. It's been around. Used in the Civil Rights Movement. Boycotting was espoused by Martin Luther King's Nonviolent Direct Action movement. They boycotted buses and hotels that didn't treat blacks as equals. Same principle: don't patronize those businesses. People do similar things now by not shopping at Chic-fila or Walmart, or Target people do just that. Some people don't buy gas from BP. They don't buy Apple products or Nike because of sweatshops or child labor or whatever that person's issue may be. People buy tuna from specific brands cause they engage in sustainable fishing. They buy meat from certain brands because that manufacturer engages in a philosophy of humane treatment that they agree with. I'm sure Peta people have a list of companies they don't support lol. Companies related to fur i'm sure. People don't buy diamonds because its mined by slave labor and child labor. Hell the Boston Tea Party was essentially a boycott. But it's up to you to decide how strongly you hold your convictions. Maybe it's not important to you. It's up to you to decide if you'd sacrifice your values for a given underwear brand or a bad Chipotle burrito.

"There is nothing quite so effective as the refusal to cooperate with the forces and institutions which perpetuate evil in our communities." MLK

richard451 says:

It's Tim Cook. Jobs wouldn't have done this. Cook is very supportive of same sex marriage.

BrandonBartelsX says:

Jobs supported LGBTQ rights...He named an openly gay male as the most powerful tech CEO in the world.

DNRuffin says:

Why would they not? Their CEO is gay.

Tomasz Maxx says:

Apple is changing. Apple is a gay! New iOS7 looks like homo and is not for hetero. No more Apple products. This is end of Apple.

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pappy53 says:

Apple needs to keep their mouth shut, before they alienate a lot of their Christian customers.

CORYK333 says: