Apple promises fix for iOS 6 passcode bypass bug

Apple promises fix for passcode bug

Apple has release a statement concerning the iOS 6.1 bug that, through a complex series of button pushes and taps, will allow someone with physical access to an iPhone to bypass the passcode lock and get at the private content inside.

An Apple spokesperson told Jim Dalrymple of The Loop that it's known and being worked on. No date was given for the next release, of course, though given the nature of the bug, as well as other issues like the Microsoft Exchange bug, it'll hopefully be soon.

To read Apple's comment in its entirety, hit the link below.

Source: The Loop

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Reader comments

Apple promises fix for iOS 6 passcode bypass bug


if something like this happened I'd expect Apple to issue an apology and a timeline for the fix. Their usual stance of "dont say anything" doesn't cut it IMO. They broke a promise, a promise of security.

The lack of discussion on this topic implies a lack of concern, IMO. I'm going to grab a few of my buddy's phones and make some calls. Should be fun!!

microsoft has patch tuesday apple now has patch sunday. after this pach there will be another hole(s). so ios

Also - on the iPhone 4 (when locked) you can hold the home button and give a voice command to dial whomever, after which you can access the phone without entering password. HUGE gap in protection.