Apple Q1 Conference Call Coming January 21

iPhone Business Model

About the only time Apple updates iPhone sales numbers is during their quarterly conference calls. Last time Steve Jobs himself showed up to crow about the iPhone hitting 10 million ahead of schedule and outselling the BlackBerry. This time? We don't count on it, but with Steve Jobs, we can never count anything out either.

TUAW says Apple will have this last quarter's call on Wednesday, January 21 (streaming audio link). TiPb, as per usual, will provide coverage of the event, with focus on the iPhone news.

Mark your calendars, and then jump into the comments and let us know how many iPhones you think have been sold by now, 12 million? What about App Store downloads? Half a billion yet? (Our bet is TiPb commenters get far closer than the analysts who should be popping up any minute now...)

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CJ Millisock says:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say 13 million.

dannyb707 says:

I'm sure it's way more thn 12 million sold like 16-18? Maybe

Sanjeev says:

it is in all probability the most effective article you may have produced so considerably