Apple raising the bar on Apple Store design. Again.

Apple raising the bar on Apple Store design. Again.

There have been some fantastic Apple Store designs already, everything from the glass cube in New York to the glass cylinder in Shanghai, but some recent designs for a massive glass roof in Santa Monica, a redesign of the glass cube on 5th Ave., and a spectacular design for Grand Central Station -- not to mention the enormous new Mothership in Cupertino -- show that Apple's ready to take things to another level.

Apple already makes some of the best phone, tablet, and computer hardware in the word -- precision crafted aluminum and glass. Do they really have to push the envelope in architecture and retail design as well? No, but they want to. They could spend less on the stores. They could do less. But they consider it an investment. They believe it matters. That's what makes Apple, Apple. They're dragging us, sometimes kicking and screaming, into the future.

Now if I could just get them to build one of those giant glass tower Flasgships in Montreal's Old Port. Where would you want one?

Check out the pictures after the break.

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Reader comments

Apple raising the bar on Apple Store design. Again.


Eerie - my South Coast Plaza store in California is almost always packed when I visit, but these stores seem so empty.

I thought Apple claimed to be a green company. Should someone tell them that building a greenhouse doesn't make them green?

This design just SCREAMS high-tech burglary. Men (and the obligatory woman) up on the roof, using diamond-encrusted machinery to cut perfectly circular holes in the glass and rappel down into the store, past the laser-equipped alarm system, only to have a tense moment when someone sneezes.
Or something like that. I don't watch too much TV/movies...

As someone who as actually worked in a office building with a glass facade - a glass roof is SUCH a BAD idea. Really. I feel sorry for the employees who would have to work there.

oh, wow, well done. Why don't you call him a doody head while you're at it? Really raisin' the bar there, dude.
Oh, do me! Say I'm, uhh... a million years old, aaaand I've never had sex, aaand.. I'm ugly! There, some future material for you.
We're all proud of ya.

Good call. Hadn't considered that. That might be an interesting selling point, especially if Apple's upped their game with next-gen devices as far as sunlight-readability goes.

As an android user I'm glad. I don't want some guy with 50 zits all pussing out selling me a phone.

I mean the site is called TodaysiPhoneBlog for a reason. As bias as it may sound they can glorify Apple and the iPhone all they want. There are blogs for android which I think maybe you should find your way over to that blog ;)