Apple recruitment underway for long rumored Edinburgh Retail Store

There has been talk for a long old time now about a new Apple Retail Store being opened in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, and at last the silence is broken with recruitment for staff well underway. Edinburgh currently has no official Apple Store, and the long standing talk of the first opening in one of the busiest areas of the city has the local population building with anticipation.

The location has long been rumored to be on Princes Street, the main route through the City Centre, and while there's no official confirmation of the address at this point, it will only be a matter of time before the new Store will be seen for the first time. Folks in Edinburgh that would love to work for Apple should head on over to the Apple Retail website linked below to apply for a range of positions. No word either on an opening day as yet, but there's sure to be a huge number of excited Apple fans in Edinburgh that have been waiting a long time.

Source: Jobs at Apple

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Apple recruitment underway for long rumored Edinburgh Retail Store

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I really hope this is true. Apple could bring some well-needed vitality back to a dying Princess Street full of dreadful mobile phone shops and other crappy outlets. There's plenty of choice for units there, but a big glass Apple store slap bang in the middle of the street would be a great sight. I might almost consider moving back there after 11 years away...