Apple relaxes 3-device limitation for employee friends and family purchases

Apple relaxes 3-device limitation for employee friends and family purchases

Whether you take this as a sign that Apple inventory levels are now in better balance, or simply that Apple is feeling a little more generous with their employees, it looks like the previous 3-device limit on friends and family purchases has been relaxed. Now, before you start looking for pop-up sales next to your local lemonade stand, reasonable limits on EPP 15% discount program purchases are still in place. What's reasonable? According to people at Apple who noticed the policy change:

Use your discretion when determining “reasonable quantities” purchases for friends and family. There isn’t a specific number limit -- it’s a judgment call. For example, buying iPod devices as gifts for your nieces and nephews at a 15 percent discount is fine. However, advertising a 15 percent discount on Apple products for all of your Facebook friends is not. If you have questions about what is considered reasonable, contact your HR representative.

Looks like a nice way to help employees and their loved ones save a little cash, while returning some of it right back to Apple as well. Don't everyone with a friend or family member at Apple start pestering them all at once.

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YorkieRay says:

I qualify for Apple EPP purchases through my employers, who are both Apple customers and suppliers of services to Apple UK. Whilst there are varying discounts on iMacs, iPods and iPads, there is not a single penny discount on an iPhone.