Are Apple going to release an Apple Television?

Apple has posted a job advertisement for a new position within the company that leads us to believe that it could be planning on making a full blown TV set. The job position entails working on power supply technology but specifically mentions displays and TV's as separate products.

Apple already has a line of LED displays, so it is not that far-fetched to think that this could well be the next venture for Apple. Apple will never allow other TV manufacturers to integrate the Apple TV into their sets, so this could well be the future vision. You can already buy TV sets with integrated Google TV, Windows Media Center and other solutions. It would make sense for Apple to go this way too and eliminate another box, power supply and HDMI cable from behind the TV.

Of course this is pure speculation at this stage and it may just be referring to the current Apple TV; either way it is an interesting prospect.

Would you buy a high quality Apple TV set with an integrated Apple TV? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Are Apple going to release an Apple Television?


This sounds like a great idea.... Until you realise that you will probably only be allowed to watch channels and programmer that apple wants you to!

haha! Too true. Every program will actually be an "app" that costs $1 to watch and the TV will be banned from playing porn or showing swastikas.

My bad, I am English and companies here are referred to as plural where as in the US it's singular.
I missed this one, it's unnatural to me but I should have noticed it!

IS legally a person too* I always refer to companies as singular subjects. Each company is one large entity. I've never noticed that difference between English English and American English.

R rated Robles? Where? I want some.
And getting porn on an Apple TV isn't hard, you just can't get it from iTunes (unless of course you are talking about the Neve Campbell movie, "Wild Things." Because if you are, then yes, you CAN get porn on iTunes!)

It's actually a horrid idea. Who wants to be stuck with a discontinued television every year?

I think this is brilliant and could follow the synergies of Apple. They could release a TV, which would not only include Apple TV software, but potentially have a webcam so you could facetime with friends/family or market to the corporate world of teleconferencing as well as NFC/Bluetooth/Wifi to interact with your Mac or iPhone. Imagine being able to use this as wireless monitor??
Definitely some merit to a true Apple TV.

I wouldn't because they're find someone way tie in their paid content into the TV. I already have a HDTV I connect to my iMac. It may not be as elegant as one unit but it works and I can view exactly what I want.

If Apple made a TV it would be grossly overpriced just like their MacBooks and Cinema displays. Rich sheep would buy them thats about it.

give me a 50" LED with a little shiny Apple logo on it, intergrated with the features of my Apple TV box, along with an option for "Television" to watch content via my comcast / att / verizon / time warner / [instert cable company here]-and I would be all kinds of set. Sync up to my Mac for iTunes, sync to my iPad / iPhone to be used as a remote. Offer all the features of Apple TV + maybe a Safari Web browser....allow me to stream Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu Plus, and Vudu all directly to my TV without the need of running it through my blu ray, xbox or seperate reciever box of doom (ie: roku).
they'd have to update the Remote app to include input switching though, so I could switch over to my XBOX, Blu Ray or TV Input....
oh god the possibillities....

To answer the question, yes I would buy a Apple television. Why would I ? I am 42 years and I have never bought a TV in my life. My parents have decided over the years that my wife and two children cannot live with out a television, so they have passed on 5 TVs to us, and the last one was a 42 HD. Believe me I am not complaining. You can see I have no temptation to buy a TV. We also have never been a slave to cable. We do however have Netflix, itunes, and a new Apple tv. I would buy it Simply because Apple has Vision! There products are incredible. I also respect their business practices they alway seem to be improving. Sorry a little winded. You all do a Great Job.

This is great news for Apple fanboys or people who don't already own a TV.
But for the rest of us, I already have a TV I love, and I will not shell out the money this TV would cost (which will be more than every other TV of a similar size, because its an Apple).
What I want from Apple is for them to make the Apple TV be able to access an app store, so I can decide if I want to watch Hulu, Netflix, or any other service on that machine.
Do that Apple. Hell, you can even raise the price $100 if you would like, and I guarantee I will be the first in line on release day.

I would think about getting one until I saw the price tag. I know it will be as expensive as sin.

Yes - would buy an Apple HDTV - IF:
Apple TV is built in and there are good apps for it (no apps yet).
there is good 7.1 sound built in so i don't need a receiver and remote speakers. (the new sound bars are getting really good.)
it is cable card ready so i can get rid of the damn cable box too.
... you can see, i want just one piece of hardware that does it all with no wires and cables to connect, except power and cable wall jack.

If they release a TV it wouldn't be a yearly refresh cycle. I think every 2-3 years would be good. How many people buy TVs on a yearly bases?

Yes I would buy it off course :D Just imagine a chance this would be for app developers with a full HD TV powered by iOS. A new breed of consumer apps will see the day, so my hopes are up for the project. Go Apple I want one with iOS and developer access.

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I can't wait to buy a tv by apple. I used to hate apple, but fell in love with their simplicity. Bose/Apple TV = the elitist of TVs!