iOS 7.1.1 update now available

Apple releases iOS 7.1.1 with a few bug fixes, Touch ID improvements

Apple has pushed out iOS 7.1.1, updating the recently-released iOS 7.1 with a few bug fixes. Those include additional improvements to the already improved Touch ID and a pair of other fixes for responsiveness and Bluetooth connectivity. Unspecified security fixes are also included. The full changelog for the whopping 26.1MB update follows.

New items include:

  • Further improvements to TouchID recognition.
  • Keyboard responsiveness
  • Fixes issue with Bluetooth keyboards when voiceover enabled.

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Reader comments

Apple releases iOS 7.1.1 with a few bug fixes, Touch ID improvements


Before the clean up your going to have 2 versions of the installer (compressed and expanded) and 2 version of parts of the OS (new and original).

Right. So wouldn't that mean needing at least twice as much space (32 MB) as the update (16 MB), not half as much (8 MB)?

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Maybe not for you, but for a lot of other people (like myself) it was. I tried every trick I read on this site and others and nothing worked. I hope this update will fix that.

That is because every single update 33% of people say it created a battery drain problem, 33% of people report it fixed a battery drain problem, and 33% of people claim no change. 1% of people respond ALIENS!

Not sure if this is isolated, but I would just like to let everyone know that this bricked my phone and required me to plug it in and restore my phone.

Thank you very much Apple.

The 7.1.1 update has also bricked my phone. The update was almost complete then the screen went completely black. At first I thought it was just rebooting but my phone never became responsive again. I've tried doing a force restart and even plugging it into my computer but nothing happens. I'm calling Apple now to try and get it sorted out.

Yep, phone never turned on, and when I forced reboot, it told me to plug it in. Really pissed. It's restoring now--but god, the apps. UGHHHHH.

Very dissatisfied. But, what can I do..

I couldn't even get the screen to come on. Apple support told me the only option is to do a fully restore which is very upsetting. They actually told me that they recommend never doing OTA updates which I found to be odd. I have used OTA updates ever since they were first introduced and have never had a problem. I have an iCloud backup from yesterday so hopefully all of my data is in there.

Yep... happened to me too. And I always do OTA and it's the first time it's done it to me. Annoying. Although my phone probably has needed a good restore for years.

Too bad this happened to all 3 of you, I didn't have any kind of issue.. I always update via OTA

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YIKES. I hope that is not the case with me. Im halfway through the download/update now.

Yep, nice 5 minute bug-fixxer is now wrapping up to be a half hour the middle of my work which I hope no one has called in that million dollar deal...because I'm phone less. YAY

It's been like this for a few years, there's always a 1% of the population that gets bricked.

I don't know why Apple couldn't prevent this but every update should come with a warning that you should not update until you're backed up and can restore quickly if things goes wrong.

Yup my phone got bricked too. The thing that got me was that I didn't want to download it yet but it started without me saying ok and I don't know why. This sucks because I had a lot of photos and videos of my son that are now lost. Thanks Apple for nothing! Its crap like this that make me seriously want to switch to Samsung!

yeah I should have it turned on. I had turned it off because my son like to play with my phone and he takes a lot of blank and weird photos that started to eat up all of my storage. oh well you live and learn.

Someone please explain to me what point does the TouchID serve when someone can just as easily hack into your phone using the 4 digit pass-code screen. If the iPhone 5S just had TouchID to get into it would understand. This has had me wondering since the day I bought the 5S.

The TouchID seems absolutely pointless as long as you can swipe to the left and expose the 4 digit pass-code screen to gain access to your phone. Does this make any sense to any of you?

No, it does not make any sense, before TouchID I never had any security on my phone because I unlock my phone like 20 times an hour and now I never have to. As far as why both, what happens if the TouchID stops working for some reason? You are locked out of your phone.

And question: Why are you assuming that some would hack your phone if they swipe to enter the PIN? Do you give your PIN out to people?

4-digit code isn't mandated, it's an option. You can switch to a password, Apple shows that option when you are setting it up.

In addition, folks are likely to use a longer password knowing that TouchID makes it easier to log in.

I truly believe (more likely to be proven wrong by Apple later) that once TouchID is available on all iOS devices and one year passes after that, Apple will get rid of the 4-digit code and requires everybody to use a longer password.

-- "Someone please explain to me what point does the TouchID serve when someone can just as easily hack into your phone using the 4 digit pass-code screen." --

How easy is it to hack someone's 4-digit passcode?

The passcode has always been there... even before TouchID. So if you have a problem with the concept of a 4-digit passcode... that problem goes further back.

The purpose of TouchID is extra convenience for YOU... while keeping everyone ELSE out by still having a passcode.

The passcode isn't all bad... you can have it erase your phone after 10 failed attempts. And Activation Lock prevents someone from using your phone without your iTunes password.

And like other people said... you can have a longer password instead of a 4-digit passcode.

But I never thought the 4-digit passcode was a problem.

No, I don't give out my PIN. I just don't see the point in the Touch ID. If the point is to keep people out of your phone, then why even have it when they can get in with PIN screen?

Then tell me the exact purpose of having Touch ID. Also, what do you mean "now I never have to?"

I do agree. If you reset the phone it requires a pin, and like you said, you can just bypass the touch ID, and try to beat the four digit number. Four digits are easier to break. That is why a longer harder pin is good. I wish I could just choose touch ID. Seems like that would be much harder to beat if your phone was stolen. It may be that way one day, touch ID is in the early stages.

The purpose of TouchID is not so much of making your iPhone more secure because of the fingerprint. The purpose is to encourage people to set a passcode on their device as it is now more convenient to unlock the iPhone using TouchID. Before TouchID was introduced, many people don't have any passcode set on their iPhones.
I guess I didn't pay attention to Apple's Keynote.

Chance you pin to a long password with letters and numbers that i way harder to crack than a 4 number pin gives you more security and you can unlock whit Touch ID so you don't have to enter the long password every time you unlock the phone.

Because you can switch to a longer password instead of relying on practically no security 4-digit code.

If people sees how easy it is to log in with TouchID, they're more willing to use a much longer password to lock their device.

As I mentioned early, I'd suspect Apple will be phasing out the 4-digit code in iOS once TouchID is available everywhere and another year passes by after that.

This is very sadly to see that after waiting this long for apple to bring this update, finally when arrived it is 26.1 MB and it doesn't cover all the problems "issues" that I have with my phone.. Battery drain is one of them, freezing a lot "to be a 64GB iPhone" something that didn't happen when I was using iOS 7.1 beta! Apple just let me down with this update.

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Have you filed your reports with Apple?

I haven't notice any drain issues with my 64GB iPhone 5S. I do make sure background app refresh is limited to one or two apps that I use and keep BT off at all time.

Sorry to hear folks are having major issues with this update. Just did mine using iTunes on my iMac. Fortunately, no hiccups whatsoever. Hope it gets sorted for you guys ASAP.

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Why do they keep changing transitions in every update. I have reduce motion off. I knew what my unlock 'transition' looked like yesterday. Today, it takes a second longer, or a few milliseconds...and appears way more black, like fade from lock to black hole to home screen, if you can imagine.

It's just annoying--and I don't mean to complain, but the reason I turned off motion was not because of any illness, it was because it sped up my days. The unlock transition is pointless. Slows my day down. Just saying...

Huh? I didn't notice any difference. Have you try rebooting a few more times to see if it is fixed?

I notice that I often have to reboot once or twice after each update to resolve any glitches.

No problems with OTA doing my
iPhone 5 and Mini. Glad I did mine before reading problems a few have had or I may have put it off. :-/

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Why does every update turn your bluetooth back on? Little things like that can cause battery problems. By the way, I just did OTA with no problems.

I know. I can't stand that. After every update, I feel like I have to go on safari to see what has nefariously reset itself.

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Agreed!!! I remembered from the last update to turn it off right away.

No hiccups here with the update. Hollaaa!

Updated 5S and iPad Air without issues. Touch ID is a lot faster now. This alone is a big improvement.

Does Anybody else have this issue.
My Location Status icon Stays on since i updated to iOS 7.1.1.
I have turned off all Background Refresh Apps but nothing seems to Fix this.

I already did that.
I have Toggled all Apps that uses Location Access to off, and now after closer notice, the status icon is Flashing on and off instead of being on constantly, so i don't know if it is a new Feature in iOS 7.1.1 for Find My iPhone or Lookout but we will see.
Thanks Anyway.

Made my phone into a brick. Wasted a ton of time restoring it; way to go Apple. OTA update by the way. Not happy.

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Yikes!!!! This OTA update bricked my 5s and now I have to restored it all over again but the update on my Ipad Mini Retina went smoothly. Wtf!!!!!

I updated through iTunes last night. Now I am facing major battery issues!! With 7.1 battery stayed above 99% after 1 hour after updating to 7.1.1 dropped to 89% within an hour! Same usage as before! Anyone else facing this issue?

Check to make sure it didn't turn anything back on you may have turned off (Bluetooth, background refresh, etc)

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Updated last night OTA - it rebooted to normal login that showed that it didn't work and then suddenly it rebooted to show the Apple logo and status bar. It then required the PIN for login and shows that it worked.
I am only wondering why Bluetooth keeps turning on. People will not notice it, and that can really drain battery. At-least Stocks in Notification Centre doesn't do this.

Updated iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 5th gen. No problems with any of them. Verizon

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OTA on my iPad mini retina 16GB , and my 16GB iPhone 5S . No issues at all with updating to iOS 7.1.1 OTA .

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Would like to upgrade but do not have enough space. I hate 16 gb phones.

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My battery drain problems that have been plaguing my iPhone 5 since upgrading to iOS 7 in October seem to be finally fixed.....

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I have just downloaded 7.1.1 to my iPad. It now will not recognise my pass code and I can't get in! How do I fix this when I can't get into my iPad!