Apple releases iOS 8 beta 3, developers, go get it!

Apple releases iOS 8 beta 3, developers, go get it!

Apple has released iOS 8 beta 3. Registered developers can go ahead and grab it through Apple's Developer Center, or through an over-the-air download.

To install beta 3 over the air, go to Settings > General > Software Update, then select Download & Install.

Source: Apple Developer Center

Joseph Keller

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Doug B says:

Sweet! Downloading now.

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SockRolid says:

OS X Beta 3 is now available too, through the Mac App Store.
Just FYI.

counterculture says:

Anyone know if Apple has done the server-side iCloud Photo Library wipe?

mubashiramin says:

Updated.Thanks they brought back home button in accessibility to its original logical position!!!

Mayson Lancaster says:

Why no iPod touch, I wonder...

msohail says:

iOS 8 beta 3 enables wifi calling for T-Mobile .. :)

Ryan Rhoads says:

Yea for WiFi calling and T-Mobile

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rjholmes123 says:

Go get it fido!

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Syed Mohammed Ameen says:

Apple Releases iOS 8 Beta 3 For Developers
check Out-

ShazadAtcha says:

Is anyone having their phone not turn on until the battery level hits 0%?