Apple releases new iPod touch, iPod nano commercials

Apple iPod touch - All kinds of fun commercial

Apple has released new commercials for their updated iPod touch 4 and iPod nano 6. iPod touch - All kinds of fun holds true to its roots -- lots of hands doing lots of awesome things, but iPod nano - Travel seems more like a hybrid, including elements previously seen in iPod shuffle commercials -- less nano chromatic, more wearable.

Check out both commercials after the break and let us know what you think. Do they convince you to buy?

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Apple releases new iPod touch, iPod nano commercials


I don't know that I'd say they convince us to buy, but it the product gets your attention right away, and you like the content, it most definitely helps.
Kick Butt

@whatever, noooo, although i've been doing it for a while, that was the first tarp sufing video i uploaded on that youtube account, and i recorded the whole thing on an iPhone 4

Can't say I'm overly excited about either but I think the Nano will sell pretty good with the new touch screen. Personally I use my old nano for working out so I dont have to worry about breaking the screen so a nano with a touch screen doesnt make much sense for me, but for the kiddos I can see it being popular. The touch on the other hand is still cool as always but I wouldnt say I'm overly excited about it.

iPod touch commercial is cool, also since facetime is wifi only, its a perfect match for the iPT4. I'm curious to know about that spider web game, if anyone knows...
The nano commercial is pointless to me, a new touchscreen used only for controlling music.

@ Kruze Dunn - it's Apple, the copy everything, what did you expect? If you show off your wife for too long anywhere in California, you will be seeing a clone of her in the next keynote. Then they will patent her and then sue you for having a wife just like the one THEY created. A police raid at your door step it's not out of the question.

okay , it may be convincing me to get an iphone 4 though. the face time feature was bitter sweet since i had no one to connect with. lots of my friends have ipod touches n may be upgrading so i may be more convinced to get the 4 ( coming from a 3GS )

BT WW!!!!! See how on the pic, the people are holding the iPod with the headphones plugged in? It is so uncomfortable to hold it with them in, feels like my left hand can't get a proper hold. Just sayin..

I am gonna buy one, im up dateing from a second gen so its a big difference (sorry bout my spelling)

Does anyone know what the game is that looks like your traveling down a colorful spiral (its white, green, pink, orange, among other colors) that is immediately following the Wild West pinball game?

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