Apple Releases MobileMe Control Panel for Windows 1.5 with Improved Calendar and Bookmark Sync, Windows 7 Support


Attention iPhone users on Microsoft Windows, Apple's MobileMe News "blog" has announced an update to the MobileMe Control Panel:

With the new MobileMe Control Panel for Windows version 1.5 you can assign your primary MobileMe calendar to sync with the default calendar in Microsoft Outlook. Any other MobileMe calendars you have will continue to sync with Outlook and appear as separate calendars. The new control panel also delivers improvements for syncing bookmarks between Internet Explorer and Safari, and provides compatibility with Windows 7.

iTunes 9 will install the new control panel automagically for current users. For new users, Apple provides separate install instructions.

Let us know how it works for you!

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Apple Releases MobileMe Control Panel for Windows 1.5 with Improved Calendar and Bookmark Sync, Windows 7 Support


Hrmmm...still won't sync if my Outlook is on an Exchange server. Looks like Apple is cruising towards losing a MobileMe Subscriber. It's useless for me. Costly useless at that.

It's true, but that's because MobileMe is a substitute for Exchange; i.e. "Exchange for the rest of us". If you already have Exchange, you can just sync that already to your Mac (Snow Leopard) and iPhone (as of 2.0) and Outlook already handles it on PC. MobileMe is for those who don't have an Exchange server or those who want to sync personal non-Exchange information in addition to business Exchange info to their phones (I do that and it's great).

@Dyvim The problem is that I, like many others, have a corporate email system (Exchange) that does not have ActiveSync enabled so we need MobileMe to allow ota sync. A key feature at the release of MobileMe was its ability to sync with Exchange-based Outlook (a set up most corporate email systems use). This feature worked perfectly and so sucked me and many others into purchasing the annual licence. It was still supported (and worked perfectly) up to update 1.1.4. The 'upgrade' to version 1.2 however removed this key functionality with no explanation from apple. I would have cancelled the subscription immediately because MobileMe is now useless for me but apple promise that the feature will be returning soon. That's really annoying.

sort of a long work around but use Google Calendar >> Sync Exchange Calendar w/Google Calendar >> Subscribe .me to Google Calendar. It's an ugly hack but you really do notice too much...

MobileMe 1.5 does not work for me also with Windows 7 64 bit. I really need 64 bit and I definately need MobileMe sync to work. Has anybody solved this problem?

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