Apple releases stability fix firmware update v1.2 for Thunderbolt

Users of a Thunderbolt equipped Mac will want to head on over to the Apple Support pages and grab the latest firmware update. It's not a huge update, in fact the download is just 1.22MB in size, but does promise stability fixes for Thunderbolt and for Target Disk Mode. And we'll always welcome stability fixes.

A restart of your Mac will be required following install, and to grab the new firmware hit the source link below.

Source: Apple Support

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Reader comments

Apple releases stability fix firmware update v1.2 for Thunderbolt


I wish there were more peripherals for thunderbolt. I think its adoption was slow and USB 3.0 has become much more popular.

My MBPR 15" keeps telling me that the update is available, applying it, rebooting, then telling me that th update is still available. Anyone else having that issue?

Do you have your MBP plugged in? Firmware updates require you to be plugged in or they will simply not install, so it'll act like it's installing, reboot, but then the actual update doesn't complete and so it'll keep showing up.

Oh, yeah that's probably what it is. It warned me, but I thought it was the obligatory warning to plug in, not a requirement. You'd think it would just stall or stop, it actually went through the motions, kinda misleading, anyway my fault for not reading all of it.

Thanks, I'll retry with it plugged in.