Apple releases WWDC 2012 session videos


Barely a week after the WWDC 2012 keynote, Apple has released the session videos. For any registered developers who either couldn't attend WWDC, or who simply couldn't attend every session they wanted to, here's what you missed.

So get a beverage or three lined up, find a comfortable chair, warm up AirPlay if you have it, and hit the link below.


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple releases WWDC 2012 session videos


What I literally loathe(!!!!) about the videos is they require Safari to watch.
For a company so gunho on HTML5, they sure don't act like it!

I find it kind of frustrating given that a lot of Mac people including myself roll on Chrome. I know they want to encourage Safari uptake, but to do that...shouldn't they really put the pedal to the metal with Safari.
On a side note...if Chrome can update on the fly like that, why can't Android?

Any chance of the session number for that Friday 9:00 am slot?
Having not gone to WWDC I can't look at the schedule to identify which session to download ...

Not sure about you guys, but I am having trouble playing them in safari, had one video work yesterday and now I am getting a black screen.. anyone else had this problem?