Apple reportedly acquires SnappyCam developer SnappyLabs (update: confirmed)

Apple reportedly acquires SnappyCam developer SnappyLabs

Apple has acquired SnappyLabs, the one-man app developer behind SnappyCam, a high-speed continuous shooting photography app for iOS. Apple hasn't confirmed the deal yet, according to TechCrunch.

SnappyCam's developer, John Papandriopoulos, developed SnappyCam, an app that enabled recent-model iPhones to continuously shoot frames at up to 60 frames per second. Alternately, SnappyCam could operate in time-lapse mode, grabbing as little as one frame per hour. SnappyCam was a $1 application and saw success this past summer, prior to the release of either iOS 7 or the new iPhone 5s.

Photography has become a key differentiator between smartphones as they've become ubiquitous accessories, and Apple put the photographic capabilities of the iPhone 5s center-stage when it introduced the new model this fall. The iPhone 5s has a larger sensor, "True Tone" flash, auto-image stabilization and slow-motion video capabilities. It can also capture images in a continuous burst mode, though it does so significantly slower than SnappyCam could - 10 photos per second.

Update: Apple confirmed with the Wall Street Journal that it has acquired SnappyLabs.

Source: TechCrunch

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Becjr says:

If Apple really has purchased SnappyCam, that makes me think the tech behind this app will be rolled into Apple's default Camera app. That makes me happy in that I would have one less app to juggle.
I've enjoyed using SnappyCam!

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zdn1042 says:

Great news!
Adding more features to the native camera app will just make taking pictures with an iPhone even more awesome!

Dev from tipb says:

It's a good app, and it is going to improve the default camera app, but what would be nicer is to be able to specify the default camera app in the first place.

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timmyb48 says:

I cannot find the SnappyCam app in the app store?

Peter Cohen says:

SnappyCam was removed from the App Store, not coincidentally with the acquisition of SnappyLabs.

Becjr says:

If I were to delete SnappyCam from my phone, would it no longer be available to me to download again?

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Peter Cohen says:

Nope. At least it isn't for me.

oscaramzz says:

Same here. I can't find this app in the App Store. Maybe this confirms the acquisition by apple?

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ohohkhimee says:

Ive read somewhere that they have been already removed the app from appstore after they acquired the snappy cam.

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Obsidian71 says:

Sounds like and acquihire. They may want the talents of Papandriopoulos more than the app itself.

asuperstarr says:

I'm sure this is going to enhance the camera experience. It should be snappy!

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