Apple retail store numbers are up, 30 new stores for fiscal 2014

An important part of the Apple shopping experience is the retail stores, and during today's Q4 2013 earnings call Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer elaborated on how well the stores have been doing this quarter:

  • $4.5billion total revenue, an increase of 6%, $10.9million revenue per store for the quarter
  • A growth of 36% per store, per week, year-on-year
  • Total of 416 stores, 162 outside the U.S.
  • 99million total visitors

Oppenheimer also looked ahead to fiscal 2014 for the retail stores, promising 30 new stores for the year, 2/3 of which will be outside the United States. Additionally, 30 further stores will be re-modelled throughout 2014, building on the 2 that have been completed throughout Q4 2013.

For more, be sure to follow our highlights from the Q4 Earnings conference call!

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Apple retail store numbers are up, 30 new stores for fiscal 2014


Agreed. I'd like to see if they're all domestic or if they're mostly "emerging markets".