Apple sanctions Samsung for sharing confidential data, then releases it anyway

Apple vs Samsung

Apple vs Samsung takes an unusual twist today with a report that Cupertino has actually shared some confidential information it accused Samsung of unlawfully sharing. It all centers around a confidential license agreement with Nokia, which a Samsung executive reportedly made known his knowledge of. But, according to FOSS Patents, Apple has outed the terms of the deal anyway:

Here's the latest, absolutely stunning development: Apple actually filed the terms of its Nokia license (as well as the terms of a license agreement with NEC) on a publicly-accessible court docket last October, where it remained for about four months until it was finally removed.

So, Apple was required to share the terms with Samsung's lawyers, who then shared it unlawfully with Samsung executives, who then tried to use it to their own ends in the dispute. Apple files for sanctions, only it actually had the information publicly available all along. Or, something like that, anyway.

Honestly, if there was ever a face-palm worthy moment, that was probably it. Check out the full details at the source link below. Maybe one day all this endless back-and-forth can just go away?

Source: FOSS Patents

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richard451 says:

I believe that's worthy of a double face palm gif.

jeddo45 says:

Come on, this is ridiculous. I wish all the stupid technological lawsuits would stop! It's really out of hand!

Nexus 5... enough said

iDisturbia says:

After all that ... Apple iPhone 5S ... now enough said

iDisturbia says:

Shit / Mistake happens .... Still, doesn't change the fact that android is a stolen product and samsung is the biggest copyist in the history!

TomW093 says:

Where did Apple get their new interface and quick settings?