Apple schedules WWDC 2014 Keynote for Monday June 2, 10am PT

Apple schedules WWDC 2014 Keynote for Monday June 2, 10am PT

Apple will be holding their traditional keynote at WWDC 2014 in its traditional slot on Monday June 2 at 10am PT. That's according to the just-published schedule on the just-released WWDC 2014 app. iMore will be there live to bring you back all the announcements as they happen. So, what are we expecting?

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, typically kicks off the show with a general report on how Apple and the Apple Stores are doing. Could Angela Ahrendts, Apple's new SVP of retail and online stores take on the latter portion of that? It would be great to see her on stage, and it would also free up Cook to focus on once again projecting Apple's core values.

Since WWDC is a developers conference, software and services will no doubt be front and center. Craig Federighi should give us our first look at OS X 10.10, its redesign, and its new features. Likewise iOS 8 and whatever new features it has save those tied to new hardware in the fall.

Eddy Cue will likely cover any new customer-facing elements of iCloud, as well as entertainment services and consumer and pro apps.

Last year we got updates to the MacBook Air at WWDC but Apple has already pushed those updates out for this year. With the Mac Apple is largely constrained by Intel's chipset roadmap and release schedule. But there are other areas they could be working on. Could there be a Retina MacBook Air surprise coming our way, or could the current Retina MacBook Pro models will get updated at the show instead?

Last year Apple also gave a preview of the new Mac Pro. Updates to that hardware is again dependent on Intel, but since the Mac Pro supports 4K — as does OS X Mavericks 10.9.3, and since Apple makes Thunderbolt Displays, perhaps those two forces are destined to meet. Since panels are similar between displays and iMac, maybe there's always the potential for the desktop to go Retina as well. And, of course, the Mac mini is still awaiting its Haswell update.

The iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 have been fall stories for the last couple of years and will likely remain so. The Apple TV hasn't been updated since spring of 2012 and its interface needs some iOS 7-style love, so perhaps that's a contender for some stage time — and maybe even some game time.

The mythical iWatch, well, WWDC isn't typically a launching pad for entirely new mainstream products.

We're a week and a half away. What do you most want to see?

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Apple schedules WWDC 2014 Keynote for Monday June 2, 10am PT


"iPad nano" (should such a thing exist), is the only thing I'm interested in.

iPhone 6? ... meh
iOS 8? ... probably almost identical with the horror that was iOS 7

I predict the most interest will be in the re-design of OS X, which I'm kind of looking forward to, even though based on iOS 7 ... it's not likely to be that good.

Somedays I just wish Ive would be run over by a bus. Then we would all see how NOT indispensable he truly is, and perhaps see some of the *other* members of the design team move forward into the light. The closer he gets to being portrayed as some kind of infallible God, (as he has been the last few years) the less I like it.

I believe we will definitely see Angela Ahrendts take the stage, it will be a great introduction into her coming in and what she has planned(if she talks about that). I will absolutely make no speculation as to what software/hardware will be talked about except iOS 7, the 5s/5c and implementation of the OS on devices that didn't come with it.

Well, it would really help to see a woman on the stage for starters. Everyone else in the Apple executive is an old white dude.

Also, Tim and Phil are great guys I'm sure but they are boooorrrriiiinnnggg! A person on stage with some personality that knows how to present to an audience, how to excite the crowd, etc. would be a very good thing. I don't know if Ahrendts is good at that, but it seems like she might be.

Well, most developers are pretty interested in knowing if there are going to be people around to buy the software they are writing.

Not familiar with how Angela Ahrendts handled Burberry press events. Was she regularly a keynote/event speaker or did she delegate? If she has and she's comfortable, I think it would be smart for Tim to let her talk. She is the only senior exec now with Apple that was a CEO, isn't she?

Personally I want to see iCloud bumps? Cheaper prices? iPhoto for iCloud?

In ios 8 apple is add background mode version .apple discuss in to add the background mode version . In apple meeting to discuss them . Without background mode apple iphone is dammy .

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Hopefully new hardware so we can put the rumors to rest. If I see another mock-up or "leaked parts" of the next-gen iPhone I may scream! :-p

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