Apple has sold over 187 million iOS devices

Apple has sold over 187 million iOS devices

Thanks to Apple's patent and trademark lawsuit against Samsung, we now get fresh iOS sales figures, a whopping 187 million of them including 108 million for iPhone, 19 million for iPad, and 60 million for the usually not broken-out iPod touch. These are as of March, 2011. (Figure a couple million in Apple

That's a compelling install base, a largely binary-compatible one, and the reason Apple's strategy lately has been more about platform than product.


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Rene Ritchie

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Apple has sold over 187 million iOS devices


you probably nothing.
These reports are largely geared towards investors that are using them when making decisions on when to invest or stop investing in certain companies. That's why it's broken down by device. High iphone sales can indicate strength in certain companies like maybe apple, companies that supply parts for iphones like a broadcom or qualcomm or indicate weakness for competitors like a RIMM, though it's plausible that both could increase sales at the same time.
But if you look at the comments section it's dominated by discussions by investors about apple's upcoming earnings report, tommorrow after the stock market's close. but a lot of it is just people trying to get info so they can guess on which way the market will go. Like if apple sell double the number of ipad2 then expected you can make an educated guess that ipad2 revenue is gonna be double and thus earnings will be much bigger then expected. So theoretically the stock could be undervalued and you buy. I'm not saying that that's just how people think and why their are people that look at the numbers all the time. It just relates to Apple, it's supplies and it's competitors.

That's incredible, Thanks for posting this. I was trying to find a more recent statistic of there production

I'm gonna bet Rene brings this up in the next podcast then discusses why he thinks it's unfair to compare Android phones sold to iphones sold.

Ok son, read this slowly so you can give yourself a chance to comprehend what's being said.
Android is not a phone, it is an operating system. iPhone is not an operating system, it's a phone. It's an unfair comparison. A fair comparison would be the total number of Android devices sold vs the total number of iOS devices sold. Get it?
It's real easy assuming you don't rid the short bus to school.

Dude !! Who cares?? I love my iphone so I'm happy, Apple has sold 187 million devices so they're happy, Google is making millions as well with android so they're happy...
Why become so defensive about this??

Agree with 2017 ! When the iOS App Store first opened in 2008, almost 3 years ago,
I predicted 2017 for 1 billion iOS devices. Let's go with July 4th, 2017 :-)
Go Apple Go.

Well look here "son". Everybody get's the point Rene is trying to make. And everyone understands the difference between Android and an Ipod.
Now in Phone geek world it doesn't matter but to investors the discussion is framed that way for a good reason. Cause the markets set up that way. The point is if Apple losing phone share or tablet share to Android or any competitor it's important to know because it's used to project the outlook of different companies. The reason they don't talk about all android devices is because that could be tablets or phones or ebook readers and they are in different markets. phones and tablets may do similar things but tablet domination has more detrimental effect on netbooks and laptops then phones. And since apple only makes one phone all you need to say is how many android phones vs how many iphones. And if you know the answer you can guess what companies would benefit from it. When they frame the discussion this way it's for investors not phone people on blogs. They aren't talking to you or Rene. They are talking to guys at Wall Street Trading desks deciding to move money from Apple to Motorola or Samsung to Texas Instruments. They do it cause a raw android or ios number doesn't tell you about how many phones they are selling. It's why it's important that ipods are broken out. Now if Apple ever makes more then an iphone they'll discuss all ios phones but until they do they ios phones and iphone are the same and are always gonna get compared to all rimm phones and all android phones. Because merely being the most used operating system across several markets is way too imprecise to make investment decisions.
the whole if they sold 187 million ios devices but only 50 devices were tablets and all of Android's devices where,hypothetically tablets, then one company dominates phones an another has traction in the PC space. And it colors where you put your investment capital.

regardless compare raw os without more is pointless. You have to compare an o.s. according to markets. Now people may not like that but that's how the analysis is done.

I know this post is old, but what the heck are you talking about? "You have to compare an o.s. according to markets."?? What markets? The iOS is used on more devices than the Android OS, isn't near as fragmented (if at all), and scales easily from iPhone to iPad. This is heaven for developers like myself. It allows us to reach a larger (paying) audience.

There's no way that lead will continue with awesome devices like the $600 on contract 3d tablet from LG and T-Mobile entering the market. We all know 3D is the new feature we must have and it will own the ipad.

I know Rene but for the regular consumer walking into a store does this really matter??. I dont think it does... My point is there's really no need to rant about this kind of stuff, I'm an iphone user and I know why i love the experience with my phone but some people get so offended when Google claims some numbers like they were talking crap about our mothers...

The reason these numbers get thrown around, and the reason Google trash talks Apple and Apple trash talks Google boils down to this -- developers. Developers will go where the platform is strong and can make them money. Right now many of the best devs in the world make iOS apps but when (not if) Android gets big enough and figures out how to monetize apps (it hasn't yet), that will change.
Market share is one metric Google's been using to appeal to devs. Being "openy" is another. Apple is fighting with $2 billion paid out to devs, a far more unified platform to target, and users who buy more apps.
Whoever gets the devs gets the best apps, and users will for some period of time go to where the best app experience (technically more than just app experience, but app experience is part of it) is.
If Android didn't have Facebook, it would be a problem.

..."and the reason Apple’s strategy lately has been more about platform than product."
Well, I'm more about the product. They need someone from Nokia or Motorola to design a suitable antenna for good reception. The iPhone's reception is a joke. It's not AT&T, they have the best coverage in my area and no phone malfunctions but the iPhone.

I'm guessing the iPhone and IPad numbers are Understated. They had to have sold at least an additional 4 million iPads and 5 million iPhones.