Apple spends least on lobbying

Among large tech and communication companies, Apple looks to spend relatively little money -- and percentage of revenue -- lobbying Washington compared to say AT&T, Microsoft, Google, or Amazon.

That could mean they'd rather spend money on products than pet politicos, or that despite Adobe's complaint to the DoJ and FTC, they're not too worried about government intervention in any of their businesses at the moment.

Comcast and Google on the other hand...

[Business Insider]

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Reader comments

Apple spends least on lobbying


Why would they spend much on lobbying? Unlike most of the other companies on the chart, they're not involved in communications networks, or big enough to be considered a possible "monopoly". Saying that Apple doesn't spend much money lobbying is like saying that your local hardware store doesn't spend much money donating to the mayor's office, pretty irrelevant.

Lobbying should be outlawed it's like bribing the government. The people are supposed to influence through votes, not corporations through money

I really feel that Apple's is destined to repeat themselves. I own a significant amount of Apple's stock and want them to do really well. However, I believe that it's the "All Propietary ALL THE TIME" thinking that will inevitably hurt the iPhone. It doesn't matter if the iPhone is the best thing out there, Android (and HP's WebOS) are way more open. "Our way or the Highway" mentality doesn't work in the long term.

If you are in the crosshairs of regulators, you lobby the government more. Everyone who spends more than corporate pocket change more than Apple (left of Yahoo on this chart) is currently or has been the subject of regulatory action, Apple is not...yet. If Nokia, HTC, or Adobe's complaints gain any sort of traction, Apple will spend a lot more. If not, they won't.
Pretty simple, and more spin than news.