Apple Store Down! 2TB Time Capsule? Unicorn Tears?

iPhone Out of Stock

If it's a Tuesday, it's even odds Apple might be launching some new iteration of some wonderifical product. Could be something as small as a new iPod color or Mac processor speed bump, or as big as a complete re-design (without buttons, 'natch!). Or it could be nothing -- routine maintenance is such a Tuesday tease.

We'll know soon enough. In the meantime, we'll just speculate it might be a new 2TB version of the iPhone friendly Time Capsule router+hard drive, or maybe Apple has finally decided to sell their iUnicorn tears directly to the public?

We'll know soon enough, but please do drop your guesses, expert and outlandish, in the comments...

Rene Ritchie

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There are 8 comments. Add yours.

Rocky Romero says:

Is this such an issue?
The significant deliverables are months away.
This does impact revenue for app developers.
I would think that, in the future, there would be almost 100% uptime.

blenderman345 says:

Dude, this means a NEW PRODUCT/UPDATE TO PRODUCT!!!!

OmariJames says:

2TB sounds good. I have a 750GB and it's starting to get full. Does anyone have Time Capsule ? Does it take a long time to sync with Time Machine ? I have my hard drive connected by FireWire 400 and it some times take a while.

spook† says:

store seems to be back up...

Mike says:

Looks like it's Xserve like Steve said.