The Apple Store is down; new hardware imminent?

We're not long out from the big WWDC 2013 keynote kicking off at Moscone West in San Francisco, and the Apple Store is down. In just about every language imaginable, this message is greeting visitors to the online Apple Store right about now. Customarily, the Apple Store goes down right before new products are added to it. So, does this mean that some new hardware is imminent?

There has been speculation leading up to WWDC that we'll be treated to some new Mac hardware powered by Intel's new Haswell chips, be that a refresh of the MacBook Pro line, the MacBook Air, both, neither, who really knows. It could, maybe, just be routine maintenance on the store with a massive side order of coincidence. Guess we'll find out soon enough! What are you hoping to see when it comes back online?

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Reader comments

The Apple Store is down; new hardware imminent?


Given that they don't really need to stop taking orders just to add new products, AND that they are certainly a large enough organization to keep their site running 100% of the time with backups-on-backups-on-backups, it really just means one thing; Apple is trying to get attention for new product offerings.

Shocker. Also, since I can't read tones over the internet, do you think this is somehow ridiculous? It's pretty smart to me. Drum up as much interest as humanly possible.

I think we should try to read as much as possible into the fact that the announcement itself is somewhat flat and b/w with hints of linen and subtle texture ;-)

I just wish Apple would bring back a dark color option to the MacBook lines. The anodized "slate" on the iPhone and iPad mini would be great.

And eventually, to get a black bezel on the MacBook Air, I think Apple will need to go with an all-glass "screen half." It could be lightly frosted on the outer side to match the "slate" anodized aluminum of the lower "keyboard" half." (There would, of course, be a silver option as well. The silver-colored trackpads on MacBooks show that Apple can make silver-colored glass.)

I'm hoping they add a decent GPU to the new MacBook that can handle the retina displays :( the GT 650 when the screen reso is set to 1980x1200 it lags like crazy.