Apple Store policies on employee conduct

Apple Store policies on employee conduct

No idea how many Bothan spies died bringing him this information, but Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac managed to get his hands on Apple's guidelines for Apple Store employees covering codes of conduct for social networks like Facebook and Twitter, personal websites, and inter-personal communications.

Short version: Be honest, respectful, confidential, think of the community, and stay in compliance. Apple places a huge value on their brand and their r

Long version: Hit the link below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Apple Store policies on employee conduct


No different than policies and procedures at any other work place. Who wants to keep an employee who publicly is negative about their brand? I don't share any social networking info with anyone at my job and none of my social network accounts are in my birth name or have any links to anything that anyone at my work could see, unless I tell them. I don't have any co-workers connected to any of my social network profiles. Most people should consider similar practices to be on the safe side.

Come on Rene, youve got to be kidding the TiPb nation, right? You actually think this is news worthy?! Seriously?!
What rock do you live under for a living?

They don't have much to say here anymore... That's why I have moved on to a new information iPhone site... Every once in a while I come over to see if anything has changed, and I'm greeted by "company doesn't want employees to besmirch them" what a waste of ASCII.

This is all part of how Apple makes keynotes so special and each product launch is so amazing. The secrecy factor is huge for them. And it works flawlessly every time. do you really think that Apple tells their sales associates about top secret products? They find out the same day the press does.