Apple Store is Down! Snow Leopard Commeth...?

iPhone Out of Stock

Um... it's not Tuesday, Apple's traditional update day. It's not even Wednesday, September 9th, rumored occasion for Apple's next annual Music Event for iTunes and the iPod (i.e. third gen iPod touch!). Yet, here we are, wee early hours of Monday morning (Cupertino time) and the Apple Store is down!

Those hoping it's for the iTablet, well, they probably have months of disappointment ahead. Most widespread guesses at this point are Snow Leopard, which likely has only a tangential connection to the iPhone, and even then only for Mac users.

The Apple Store should be back up soon enough, so in the meantime grab your favorite casual game, or just ponder what would be like if they took down the entire store every time there was an update...

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Apple Store is Down! Snow Leopard Commeth...?


I have the up-to-date thing in my cart. Whenever I try to check out, it'll say "Cannot establish a secure connection to the server". (And yes, I'm even on Safari) I delete the s in HTTPS, which will work, but I can't do that when I sign in, or else it will say "Account does not exist". Anyone else having similar problems?

Mainstream press was guessing the 28th.
Apple rushes it out early to distract the press from all the negative stories about Google Voice?

Who needs an apple tablet my hp mini hackintosh works awesome. To be honest I think apple is wrong if they gave me a tiny netbook with full osx it would be amazing especially if it had like 12hour batt life. As it is I definately don't need a gigantic iPhone with a huge touchpad keyboard I would much rather a regular netbook but with better graphics

I think, since my mac Mimi delivers on the 25th that snow lepord should be with the box. We will see. Other wise a lot of paperwork and anther $10.