Updated: Apple Store is down, start the speculation!

The Apple Online Store is down and while normally Wednesday night would trigger "it's just maintenance" mode in me, there are announced products still awaiting "go live" status like the white iPhone 4! Seriously, though, that's delayed until the end of the year but there's still the 27" LED display, and all sorts of rumors about new Apple TV/iTV and 7" iPads that it's worth taking the gamble on a post.

Of course new iOS-related hardware is usually preceded by Steve Jobs showing it off on stage, so the odds of anything really surprising are low, low, low, but give us your best guess anyway.

Will there be anything new when the Apple Store comes back up, and what?

Updated: Nothing, it turns out.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Updated: Apple Store is down, start the speculation!


Well I'm curious. Have to see tomorrow. Might just be maintenance given their recent bug w/the forums though.

You can go to apple.com and look at the "mac" section on the menubar.... you can navigate the products and bypass the sticky note... I think its just the cinema displays...nothing else looks new

I love Apple products as much as the next nerd on this website, but why do you get excited when the Apple Online Store is down? If there was something new, I'm sure we'd know about it before it goes into the store. Mass hysteria over nothing.

@Rags, we didn't know that they were releasing the Magic Trackpad until it went live in the Apple Store.

I notice one difference. The "buy a mac, get a free ipod touch offer has a sticky on top of it that reads "offer ends 9.7.10. So based on previous years, new iPod Touch will launch 9/8? Maybe thats been there for a while so I'm not sure