Apple Stores merry with FaceTime Santa displays

Adding to the endless Beatles loops and festive iPad snow globes, Apple Stores now have their very own FaceTime Santa in the windows, spreading Christmas cheer to boys, girls, families, elves, and Mrs. Clause alike.

I caught this one on video at my local Apple Store tonight. Have you seen FaceTime Santa at yours yet? Any idea how he explains to the kids that they can indeed have an iPhone 4 under the tree but they have to ask daddy and mommy to foot the bill for the monthly voice and data plans?

Ho. Ho. Ho.

Apple Stores merry with FaceTime Santa displays

Rene Ritchie

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There are 16 comments. Add yours.

Jaime says:

How could Santa facetime pm the go??? He needs to be on wifi!!!! Or maybe he jailbroke lol

Fokas914 says:

Yepp saw facetime santa yesterday at my mall in newark,dealware. Santa has wifi at the north pole?? lol

Glenn#IM says:

The magic of Christmas. Wait a minuet. That word magic(magical) has been used alot. Made in China or Contract Has Indicated Northen Area= North Pole may be. I knew it. Ipads are made at Samta's workshop. Better be good, or you won't get one. Ho Ho Ho

websyndicate says:

Spokane, WA we have it as wel

Brian Tufo says:

Yup saw it at my Apple Store too. Santa is def on #TeamJailbreak!!!

Devin Briggs says:

I am staring at the Santa FaceTime display as I type this comment.

Tim Harrell says:

Santa is probably using Apples wifi in the store..I use it all the time. So maybe team pure?

tuscanidream says:

Hahaha santa can't use FaceTime on the go because you need wifi to use it.

Matt says:

Is that at the Freehold Mall??

cjford78 says:

Sure Santa can use wifi on the go... like Lufthansa he has FlyNet installed on his sleigh

cjford78 says:

and he uses YOUR wifi after he takes a cookie

Macboy74 says:

Cheektowaga, NY we go both here.

Jpwillis269 says:

Maybe he travels with a mifi from verizon???

soooooookie says:

Maybe there is an Apple store at the north pole...

AlliOSNews says:

Willow Bend in Plano Texas has it up as well.