Apple stays strong in the U.S. market, still the top OEM

The new U.S. smartphone market share numbers for February 2014 from comScore show Android made a slight gain since last November. Android grew from 51.9 percent to 52.1, while Apple gained 0.1 percentage points to hit 41.3 percent. BlackBerry saw a dip, while Microsoft climbed ever so slightly to hit 3.4 percent market share.

In hardware, Apple remains in the lead at 41.3 percent. Samsung came in second with 27 percent, up 1 point over the November period. LG came in third at 6.8 percent, while Motorola and HTC came in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Source: comScore

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Reader comments

Apple stays strong in the U.S. market, still the top OEM


How can Apple maintain that kind of a market share in the US? It is mind-boggling. Elsewhere, they have practically dropped off the map.

Macrumors post: "Apple is worried about larger-screened, lower-priced Android phones, according to an internal document shared today in the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung patent lawsuit (via Re/code). The document, which is from the company's sales department, notes that iPhone growth could drop due to competition from smartphones that have larger screens or lower prices than the iPhone." Give us a larger screen Apple.

I wonder if MS making windows free for 9" and under devices is going to have a effect on anything. Probably more in emerging markets and overseas.