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As reported by iPhoneincanada, Apple has submitted revised plans for the "mothership" campus they plan on building in Cupertino. The new renderings outline the internal layout and surroundings of the structure, and... They're absolutely gorgeous.

Apple originally sent Steve Jobs to the Cupertino City Council back in June to pitch the idea of building a new space for Apple employees since outgrowing their Palo Alto headquarters. They picked up the lot from HP back in 2010. The new plans detail the inner workings describing a restaurant and dining area, entrances and parking layout and more.

Check out some of the renderings below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: iPhoneincanada

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Andrew Mike says:

Here’s The First iPhone Controlled Missile Launcher >>>

Lloyd Grace says:

They should put the ELO logo in the middle!

Radu Tanasescu says:

though the apple logo would look so much cooler :D

HungWell says:

You would think they could afford to hire someone to mow the lawn.

Ronburgandy2112 says:

I knew it....Apple wants to succeed with Time Travel....why else would they build a supercollider????

Carioca says:

The rendering are well done, although building renderings are usually deceiving.
The buiding itself looks like a motorcicle tire. Are those solar panels on the roof?

DiamondDNice says:

i find the design choice interesting. It looks cool. However i'm reading the Jobs biography and there's a part about his time at Pixar where the moved to the Emeryville office. They were gonna have it like a typical movie studio with different buildings for different departments like studio lots but Jobs wanted one a design that promotes people interacting so it forces everyone to going into the same general areas. He even wanted only one bathroom right in the center. Apparently they comprimised and added two outer bathrooms as there were complaints by a pregnant woman that thought it was ridiculous to walk 7 minutes while pregnant everytime she needed to go. That and i think some other board members didn't like the idea either.
But this circular design seems like it would not promote Jobs idea of having people running into each other since obviously if you go one way around the circle you're not just gonna meander into an area where the other people behind you are until you get 360 back around. I wonder why they are different philosphies. Did jobs change his philosphy? Are the needs at Apple now different? Maybe now he was more concerned with keeping people separate. Or maybe it was enough merely to be in the same physical building as opposed to a building with the openness and open floor plan apparently that there was at Pixar.

Gabriel Fitzgerald says:

There's a hadron collider in there somewhere...

AppleFanboys Getoveryourselves says:

Those are thumbnails of renderings you morons. I was excited to see a large-scale image of the floor plan and instead I have an image the size of my iPhone. Way to fail