Apple tells developers to get their apps ready for iCloud Backup and Restore

Apple tells developers to get their apps ready for iCloud Backup and Restore

Apple has put up a post on their Developer News page tellings devs to start getting their apps ready for iCloud Backup and Restore:

iCloud introduces a smarter way for users to back up their info. It's important to read the new iCloud Data Storage Guidelines to ensure that your app works best with iCloud Backup and Restore, available on iOS 5.

We're getting closer.

[Apple Developer News]

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Nile Brown says:

My friends love to give me notifications on fb....I can not wait for iOS 5 with the new Notification Center, and iCloud is just icing on the delicious icecream cake! :)))

ArGiEs says:

This is filling, I believe, much-needed redundant support , especially for business users. Not all apps sync with Evernote or Google, and being able to pull down backed-up data out of the cloud in the event of (heaven forbid) unplanned loss of critical data is a great thing. Interesting to watch Apple slowly but surely accomodate business people.

DeLeon Hughes says:

Release iOS 5 already! Sheesh! What's the hold up?

Developer says:

I don't expect to see iOS 5 released as an update until well after the iPhone 5 is shipping.