Apple to Unveil Google-Competing iAd Mobile Advertising Platform on April 7?


MediaPost reports that Apple is getting ready to announce a mobile advertising service (potentially called iAd) to Madison Avenue on April 7.

[It's been] described as "revolutionary" and "our next big thing" by Apple chief Steve Jobs, according to executives familiar with the plan.

Madison Avenue as a venue sounds more like an industry insider pre-briefing than a public coming out party, similar to how we heard big media companies were approached about the iPad before Apple did their keynote song and dance. If it is as expected, based on Apple's Quatro Wireless purchase and designed to give developers an easy, elegant way to monetize their iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps then we'd expect a more public presentation to follow -- iPhone 4.0 SDK Sneak Preview Event perhaps?

And, of course, this would bring Apple fully into competition with Google and their recent AdMob acquisition. Much as Google's Android and Chrome OS-combo was a gut punch to Apple's core business, this uppercuts Google right in the mobile ad revenue choppers.

Hey, maybe that's what Steve Jobs wanted to tell Eric Schmidt yesterday over coffee...

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple to Unveil Google-Competing iAd Mobile Advertising Platform on April 7?


ERIC SCHMIDT: "That's okay. I'm going to get my little 6 year-old nephew, who designed our logo, to come up with some more ideas, too. So there!"

If the iPad was described as "revolutionary", "the next big thing", and Jobs was "really excited", then this might be an enlarged iPod Shuffle lol. Jobs shouldn't have come back after the surgery.

it's going to suck if instead of the admob advertising , you actually have to stop what you are doing , pay attention to the ad and then continue .. i would easily jump ship for something like that ..

" experience the web " well kinda like through your iphone but bigger... Umm I hope all the sites you love drop flash.. Well maybe wait 5 years then this will be the best web experience..umm except technology would have 10x surpassed this by then... Hey we don't want flash ads just our own iads ...matter of fact pay us 130 dollars extra and really experience the web..but don't forget to pay at&t 30 bucks a month... But just wait incase that didn't sell youyou can read books.. And not like a pdf but the screen will actually move like a piece of paper with animations.. But hold on have you ever seen a digital magazine?? It's kind of like ..well.. Oh it's kinda like the magazines actual website it has videos and interactive media.. Just like a website.. And you know magazines get put out much more frequent then the actual info does on the net ... Oh wait it doesn't.. But don't just google the information you want ad watch the video on youtube.. No sir buy the magazine.. Revolutionary!!! Except not being able to do everything you already do but on a tablet.. And no keyboard and half your favorite sites not working.. But look instead of all this free stuff you do on the net just buy the apps that do the same thing .. Yeah just give me money for free things while we throw iads on top of them and get paid ...."steve jobs conscience "

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