Apple: Verizon contract no exclusive (so Sprint is possible?)

Full Sprint HTC Evo 4G vs iPhone

During the Verizon iPhone announcement today Apple COO Tim Cook revealed that their deal was multi-year but NOT exclusive. So that means there's no contractual reason we couldn't see a Sprint iPhone (or even T-Mobile?) but is there the will to get it done?

Do you want an iPhone on Sprint?

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Apple: Verizon contract no exclusive (so Sprint is possible?)


So if they are getting iPhone 4 now, are they always going to be a year behind ATT on the new phones? Or can we expect a new iPhone in June as well?

im wondering the same thing. because as of now...if they come out a new cdma iphone in's like a slap in the face to all early adopters

I hope Best Buy Mobile carries it cause since they have the buy back program, I can get the 32Gig and when the iPhone 5 comes out sell it back to Best Buy for $350 dollars and use that towards the iPhone 5.

If you want to see the Iphone on Sprint, then you need to email Dan Hesse at Let him and his people know that you want to see the Iphone on Sprint. If they get a lot of their customers demanding this eventually they will get it done. Keep emailing them until they get an agreement in place with Apple and don’t accept anything less than that.

Verizon will most likely get the iPhone 5 in June as well.
A new product so soon? It only means extra $$$ for them. They get new Android devices almost every month.

Who wants to bet on how quick this thing gets jailbreaked?
If it hasnt already. Are they going to have the gay verizon appstore on this thing as well????

I'm gonna be asking the verizon iphone customer if the can talk, text and surf the web at the same time.. ?

I have always been able to talk and text on sprint. Surfing the web and talk you can not do, unless you have a wifi connection. But either way I personly rarely if ever use. And for others they won't miss what they never had.

As being the only one that is answering the question. Yes I would love to see the iPhone on Sprint. Been on Sprint since the 90's, and my plan is too good to give up. Didn't want to switch to AT&T or Verizon because for the same plan, I would pay $80 more than what I pay now. I get many discounts. I never had a problem with service with Sprint, and I travel a good amount over the US. Besides, Dan Hesse already said in an earlier interview that he would love to have the iPhone, if the situation was right.

What statement(s) by Apple would lead you to that conclusion? I'd think that Apple wants anything to do with making even more money.

PLEASE, if Verizon can have it, no reason Sprint shouldn't. Sprint's network is rock solid, their customer service has improved significantly, and their plan prices cannot be beat.

I'm sure Apple has already had discussions with Sprint about the IPhone. I'm not sure they want it. I've been with Sprint for years and I they did get the IPhone, I don't think I'd upgrade to the IPhone. (My kids might, lol)

All Sprit has to do is add the ESN to their database and you should be able to program for use on Sprint.

Besides hearing Verizon finally getting the IPHONE, it brings great joy hearing the deal is not exclusive. I would LOVE, LOVE, to see the IPHONE on SPRINT. I would give up my HTC EVO 4G in a heartbeat! But somehow, dreaming of a SPRINT IPHONE, is heading down the same road before Verizon landed the IPHONE. So for now I'll enjoy what I have, and hopefully by the time my contract is up, SPRINT will have the IPHONE...

I'd love to see Sprint. Been w Sprint for 10 years, cheap and very reliable in my area. Don't really care about simultaneous voice/data. I'd buy one the first day.

I would say it means that in June/July of this year the iPhone 5 will be on AT&T, Verizon, Tmobile, and Sprint. Might as well cover all of the US now.

Yes I would love the iPhone on Sprint. I have been with them since the mid or late 90's. I have never had a complaint about them, and never plan on switching to another carrier. Phone choices is the only reason that would make me switch.

I would love to see the iPhone on Sprint. I have also thought about switching carriers just for the iPhone, but realized Sprint has the best features on their plans. I mean I pretty mush have unlimited everything for 79.99 with free real mobile to mobile. I love sprint!!!

I've got waaaay better Sprint service in my area than Verizon. (Zero signal for Tmo or AT&T.) Besides being a better signal here, it's also cheaper and I can upgrade every 12 months instead of waiting 20 like on Vzn. I'd be happy to get a Sprint iPhone.

My wife has been on my case about crappy phones ever since I sold both our Iphones from AT&T & moved to Sprint. But there was not way I was going to throw $1000 extra dollars every year to AT&T for horrendous service. We love the better phone service (no dropped calls) & all the data, text thrown in at no added cost. We both have EVO's & their pretty good (except for terrible battery life). We would switch in a second to Iphones if it was available. Question is, How is Apple going to accomidate all the different next gen high speed data methods from all the different providers?

If you want to see the Iphone on Sprint, then you need to email Dan Hesse at Let him and his people know that you want to see the Iphone on Sprint. If they get a lot of their customers demanding this eventually they will get it done. Keep emailing them until they get an agreement in place with Apple and don't accept anything less than that.

Dan wants the iphone on Sprint. He already knows that many current and potential future Sprint subscribers want the iphone, so I really doubt that a lot of emails will change the situation. I think Steve Jobs is the one who would make it happen more than Dan Hesse.

I think the only thing holding Sprint from getting the iPhone fairly quickly is the sheer volume of sales VZW is going to have. VZW customers have been waiting for 3 plus years for this. As an AT&T iPhone user, I agree with other comments, all carriers should have it.

There would be no reason it wouldn't work on Sprint, its within their spec's. 850/1900 cdma. Apple and Sprint could sell the exact same phone as VZW.

Nah, that doesn't make sense because Tim Cook was specifically asked whether the CDMA iPhone was exclusive to Verizon and se responded that it wasn't. Obviously a CDMA iPhone wouldn't have anything to do with at&t.

I definitely do not want an iPhone on Sprint. I do not want my favorite network ruined with the clog. Choice is great, but the carrier need to stand up to Apple and tell them to fix the reception problems. One of the best things about the iPhone coming to Verizon is that Apple will have to admit the problem is not AT&T it is the poor design of their phones.

I think that Sprint also deserves the iPhone4 because Verizon already has most of the android phones, blackberry, and now iphones? It's not fair. Sprint should also try to get on this, asap! I'm actually considering switching to Verizon just to get it, i was hoping the iPhone would be coming to Sprint :/

Let's be honest, most would love to see iPhone on Sprint but there are two problems. 1. Is WiMax, Sprint is the only one with WiMax and I don't see Apple designing an iPhone for them. If Sprint was smart they would get Clear to abandon WiMax and go LTE quick. 2. The PERCEIVED bad customer service. Yes, Sprint HAD terrible CS in the past, but they have worked hard to improve it. Read other sites about Verizon's CS it has gone down hill. Sprint has turned the corner on CS, but this could hurt them in getting the iPhone.
I think the iPhone should be available on any network that can handle it. Sprint yes, T-Mobile yes, US Cellular I have no knowledge and experience personally but from what I read yes. Come on Steve Jobs, give the people what they want, iPhone on all major carriers.

Let's also think about this past CES, in my opinion SPRINT had a very poor showing of products, and the HTC EVO SHIFT-yawn. I have the HTC EVO 4G. All of the other big mobile providers showed off great new upcoming products. While SPRINT may have other great devices, what's another great device to add to their arsenal, in the IPHONE? SPRINT should not settle on having just a handful of great devices, while the other providers have much more than SPRINT to attract new or current customers.

I definitely would love for Sprint to get the iPhone! My hunch based on nothing but simply speculation is that Apple will role out a new phone this year somewhere in the May/June window and that Sprint will be an option with that new roll out. This would allow all those who bought the Palm Pre two years ago the the opportunity to make the move to the iPhone. Another guess based on nothing but speculation, is that the new iPhone would be 4g or WiMax compatible.

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