Apple will live stream WWDC 2014 keynote, promises 'exciting announcements'

Apple will live stream WWDC 2014 keynote, promises 'exciting announcements'

Next Monday, June 2nd, will see Tim Cook and Apple's executive team take the keynote stage for WWDC 2014, and those of us that aren't able to make it out to San Francisco will still be able to watch it live online. Apple today announced that the keynote will be streamed live on their website, and is promising "exciting announcements". What specifically, Apple as usual is coy and not dropping any hints. Of course, iMore will be there live and in person to bring you all the latest.

Of course, there are many things we can be looking forward to. There's iOS 8 with a rumored home automation system, and a redesigned OS X 10.10 'Syrah'.

With a live stream to bring the latest from WWDC 2014 right to you, what are you most looking forward to?

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Apple will live stream WWDC 2014 keynote, promises 'exciting announcements'


Yeah usually but the keynote is on Monday this time. June 2nd is Monday, not Tuesday.

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Mostly interested in the OS X redesign and hope it will be a little more mature on arrival than iOS 7 was. I don't mind the flatter look, but I hope some things like glaringly white backgrounds, computation-heavy blur effects that add nothing to the UX and especially that "text as buttons" crap don't make it.

Hope for a more flexible sandboxing approach in both OSs, there should be means for apps like TextExpander and Coda to stay in the AppStore without being castrated. Of course we also need some mean for app-interoperability in iOS... Still relying on mailing myself files to get them into another app or into a specific online storage... Is no longer fun in a version 8. Also hoping for trial and update support in both stores... The amount of apps I do not upgrade because I am unwilling to pay the full price again is piling up.

As for the rumors... Not interested in wearables or health rummage, don't need a bigger phone (if they made a 5s with the 4s form factor, I would buy it immediately, but won't happen) and the only thing I want in 16:9 is a TV set. Absolutely interested in the home automation rumors though. Everything on the market is either ugly or largely incompatible (need a million apps and remotes) or both. If somebody could get it right it's Apple.

Of course, I want Retina iMacs and MacBook Airs... Not sure when this will happen, WWDC might be too early. An AppleTV that can access an iTunes library on a TC or NAS would be nice, hate to have a Mac running 24/7, but with their addiction with the cloud... this might not happen either, unfortunately the iTunes servers in all third party NAS devices are junk.

Hope for something nobody is expecting.

I'm basically right there with you. I personally would like a larger iPhone (though the 5.5" rumor may be a little much) but everything else is spot on. I really hope "Syrah's" design is how you described it: not necessarily iOS 7-flat, but certain UI elements that make it "feel" flatter and lighter would be great.

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I would gladly pay an additional $50 per iOS device if they included (or licensed) a Swype-like keyboard.

This tells me there is going to be hardware announced. Apple doesn't live stream WWDC keynotes because of how hard it is and how much a ticket is for those trying to attend. And once they do attend, it kind of sucks to see Apple streaming the thing over the net. That's just me playing devil's advocate. I'm gonna watch the damn thing.

We'll technically that's no different from people who have courtside tickets to the Nba Finals.. Everyone else wants to see it as well.

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We wish a iphone 6.. But that want be until September... :( sad face... But even when it comes out, I can't get another phone until December 2015. But it's ok

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Is the Keynote going to be on Apple TV or online or on the app? And what time for CST.? And if you can't watch it live can you play it later then?

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It will be on 2nd or 3rd gen Apple TV running at least 5.0.2. Since the Keynote starts at 10am PDT, it will be noon CDT. Not sure if it can be watched after the fact on Apple's site

That's where I watch it from the apple website in the evening. I was just wondering if I could watch it on my iPad though through the WWDC app or is it just on there website?

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