#ApplePride hits San Francisco

#ApplePride hits San Francisco

Apple has taken to the streets of San Francisco to celebrate pride day. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO is on hand at the festivities, as are other members of Apple management, and over 5000 employees, family members. and friends. If you're there, grab an iTunes Gift Card. If you're not, you can still follow Apple's historic walk via #ApplePride on your favorite social network.

This follows Apple's support for employment nondiscrimination earlier this year, and their raising of the rainbow flag and giving out rainbow Apple t-shirts and pride@apple caps earlier this week.

Again, great to see a company put their actions where their values are.

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Reader comments

#ApplePride hits San Francisco


I agree. The company's name is also a violation to the fruit, if you know what I mean. :P

They go and shove anti-discrimination up our throats yet we are still nice and try to make us feel bad for being normal. Wtf!
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Cause a guy and a guy can't make children without rocket science. Same with women. And it's not rocket science to figure out what's the norm due to the fact of p and v.

Posted via iMore App

WOW. I had assumed that with all the hate speech spinning around the web today over this news that at least iMore would be free of it. I am sad that I was wrong.

Hint to the moderators: If I had a website, even though speech should be free, I would automatically ban for life anyone who engaged in racism, homophobia, or misogyny. There is a big difference between just being an asshole on a forum, and being an actual bigot.

Seriously. Think about it.

Did it occur to you this is done to show support for gay people, not show hatred towards closed minded people? The fact that you take it as such tells us a lot about your character. Or lack thereof rather.

I never said I don't support them. I just don't like how they shove it down our throats. Just like you guys. I never expressed any fear of gays or racism. If you really think I engaged in racism go and look up the definition. And I never hated women. If I really hated women I would be a hypocrite and gay. You guys are also part of the reason why I get pissed off about it. If gays can go start parades and stuff why can't I say how I feel? If someone is gonna go beat them up or throw them in jail I would not support that. Stop being closed-minded and inferring hate and bans whenever someone doesn't like the way things are done.
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Oh let's see, maybe it was the part about you referring to yourself as normal, as opposed to a gay person. But it's ok, you can live in denial.

You should try voicing your opinions around your company too, usually CEO's and such really hate having closed minded people on their payroll. You see, it kinda makes the company look bad to the public too. That's another reason you shouldn't say stuff like that publicly.

Didn't you read what I said above about the "normal" stuff? Plus, its been that way for thousands of years. I don't understand why people are so blind and can't see the reason for male and female. If it really was normal then it wouldn't have to be in the mouth and rear end - parts of the digestive system - not reproductive. I'm not closed minded. I believe in aliens and ghosts and UFO's. There's a difference between the truth and turning the truth into what you wanna hear - like you. It's like 911 and the holocaust. Horrible and sad tragedies and people all claim it never happened. (And don't start with the racist crap - I'm not a fan of these events and they are just examples so your closed mind can relate to me.) Go ahead and live your life in denial, too.
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You're just making excuses basically. And you're focusing on reproduction, the typical argument of a closed minded bigot who can't see the bigger picture.

But I know I can't change you, nor am I going to try. I do feel bad for you though. Have a good day.

Same with you lol! By saying "I do feel bad for you," you are simply supporting my claim of "..try to make us feel bad for being normal."
You try, but you don't make me feel bad. ;) Whenever it comes to this, people say "bigot" because it sounds like "faggot." Nothing wrong with having strong opinions! Basically you are being a hypocrite by saying "You're just making excuses basically" because you said "And you're focusing on reproduction." Also because you call me a bigot but you don't see my side either. Love is love. That's not focusing on reproduction. But love can result in that. ;) You can have a good day, too.

From what I've read, Tim Cook has never said if he is gay or not. Regardless, I think he's been a great CEO.

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Actually, in most counties there is something called "hate speech" (what you are doing) and it is illegal.

The US is a bit behind the curve on this one, so I assume that's where you must be from.

Yea and in other countries, its illegal to be a homosexual, so I wouldn't go there. Its funny you don't mention that. I take my freedom of speech seriously, and yea, proud to be an American baby.

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Freedom of speech surprisingly doesn't allow hate speech, imagine that. Proud to be an American homophobic, got it.

So now we know the values, or lack thereof, of not only Apple, but also iMore. This is gross.

Welcome to the drive by trolls who don't know anything about Apple or its products or care either way, but just saw a chance to spew hatred and bigotry and grabbed it. Hope you got your moment of sad, pathetic entertainment. Please move along to other comments sections on other blogs and the rest of us will forget you ever existed two minutes from now.

That was the best response you could come up with? Honestly, no kidding, I would have been more impressed if you said "I know you are but what am I?" since that would at least have been funny, though not original. Find a better hobby: you aren't any good at this one.

I feel that it is kind of alienating the consumers, like myself, who don't agree with this. Companies should stay out of affairs like this, because it alienates the people who like their products.

Let me get this straight. You believe that the expression of LOVE that is the Pride Parade is a damaging "bad" thing, but you think you going on a public forum and spreading HATE is "not hurting anyone." Hmmm...

I'm not spreading hate, I don't know where that came from, but what I am saying is that with a topic such as this (which is very heated at the moment), a company should not get involved. My beliefs are that marriage is between a man and woman, but that is for another discussion. Good day sir.

If you don't agree with the company, don't buy from them. End of story. It's the same concept of why I don't eat certain places. I don't like the food. If you do, I don't protest you eating there. I keep my mouth shut and eat where I'm happy

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You're not a fan of them being in favour of treating all people with equal decency? What if I told you this isn't even about sexually, per se? That it's about treating people - all people -equally? All companies should be about that.

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The thing is that we do treat them decently, but they shove it down our thoats and don't make us feel decent.

I think Apple is super cool for participating in Pride Day. I wonder how they came to the decision to participate in this event versus other pro equality parades and celebratory events.

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Wow, just because there is freedom of speech doesn't mean you should open your mouth and spread hate A-HOLES!

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It's not hate for the gays. It's the hate for the fact that they can spread hate for our hate because we hate stuff being shoved down our thoats.