Apple says Droid X does attenuate too

Motorola Droid X antenna attenuation video

Apple has posted yet another competing smartphone attenuation video, this time rounding out their infamous collection with Motorola's just-launched Verizon Droid X. The video shows the aforementioned monster of a phone dropping from 3 out of 4 bars to none when death-gripped.

Once again, however, no demonstration is made of any iPhone 4-style death-touch de-tuning.

So yeah, you can imagine how our friends over at Android Central are reacting...

Who does that leave for next, Palm, LG? Does Apple need to finish what they've started or just let it go already?

Video after the break...

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple says Droid X does attenuate too


why is apple keeping this alive? if they would just stop posting this stupid crap people would take their free cases and move on, or return their iphone 4 and move on.

Two things:

  1. Apple, can you death touch (not grip) a single one of those phones you've now attempted to defame?
  2. Completely classless on Apple's part, even if Apple could death touch the competitors.

fuel to the fire: what about the cheeky "hold our phones any way you like" ads other phone makers released in the last month? looks like apple doesn't forgive easy...

I agree, what apple is not realizing is the public just isnt buying into the finger pointing blame game.

This is the dumbest thing i've ever seen.
Why is apple stretching for things to validate their bad antenna design? First off, the "hand model" is holding the phone in a totally unnatural way for talking on the phone. If you're holding your droid x in the same manner he is, then you deserve to loose your signal. Really... who holds their phone that tight at the bottom when they're talking on the phone? Just try it for a few seconds and see how it feels. Did you do it? That's right, you probably came to the same conclusion I did.
I've never really been an apple fan, nor do I own an android phone, but seeing this made me loose what little respect I may have had for apple.

This is pathetic. I am fed up with all this. Apple, you should fix your own phone before going after other company. You are to blame on that bad design. I am keeping my 3gs until this is fixed and will switch to Sprint for the EVO when my contract is over if nothing happens.

I'm not a apple fan boy but it seems as though media only picked on apple over the death grip and it seems that almost every smart phone is in the same boat so it's fair game for apple to defend it's self. I don't hear the media saying droid x needs to be recalled or any of the other smartphones that are affected.

I'm glad Apple is doing this. To show that all of this was blown out. My G1, Cliq, H2D2 and My Touch had this problem. People was acting like apple was the only one. Grow up People!

I agree they all do it one way or another. Put it to bed.
@flojac That's how people are holding the iPhone to show they lose reception so that's how there doing Ii on other phones. I agree though who the hell holds there phone like a baseball.

Apple seems like it has become the Obama administration.
Don't accept any responsabilty for their own mistake, instead blame a previous administration, hoping the public is so dumb they will blame anyone but them.
Losing so much respect for Apple I may have to consider a Windows Machine next time.

Apple seems like it has become the Obama administration.
Don't accept any responsabilty for their own mistake, instead blame a previous administration, hoping the public is so dumb they will blame anyone but them.
Losing so much respect for Apple I may have to consider a Windows Machine next time.

People want slim sexy phones holding your phone like a baseball is going to make the signal drop... Other options go back to a bag phone lol

There is an old adage: two wrongs do not make a right. Recognition of another poor antenna design does not lessen the inadequacy of one's own. Apple has a history of form over function and the poor antenna design while beautiful is... well poor. That said the numbers do not lie. Either people do not care or are willing to overlook the poor antenna design and realize the true strengths of iphone4. Those strengths not being its beautifully inadequate antenna but its functionality overall; as the reception issue is easily fixed with a case. Lessons learned. Apple's PR machine should be revamped and those in charge fired. Jobs muzzled. Had Apple handled this appropriately from the beginning instead of dismissing its loyal customers it would not have reached this point. I expected more from Apple and most importantly more from Jobs. Last I checked the quick tips for my iphone4 did not outline the proper handling procedure during use. Simply telling the customer they are holding the phone wrong is truly what started this embarrassment from the beginning. I will end with another adage: pride precedes the fall. Let us hope Apple remembers that.

Ok, it was kind of entertaining the first time in that whole "wow, did they really just try to misdirect threat on to someone else?" Then it was getting sad as they kept going, now it's bordering on obscene.
Are they going to death STRANGLE every single phone on the market to try to claim they have the same problem as the single-finger death TOUCH of the iPhone 4?
Makes you wonder about the white iPhone 4's "manufacturing" delay, if the real reason isn't them trying to fix this flaw in that model at least.

Apple is losing it. When the hell will they stop? Come in steve j concentrate on fixing the iphone 4 antenna problem. I want to replace my aging 3gs already!

Is it just me or has the 'antennagate' thing over with? I really don't think about it anymore. Apple addressed the public and decided to give away free bumpers. That's it! It's over now.
I, too, don't understand why Apple continues to beat a dead horse. By them continuing the saga, I end up running into the topic and it reminds me of it again. Maybe they don't understand that they can stop defending themselves. It's not the number 1 iPhone discussion point anymore. Apple should use all of that energy on designing a new antenna system for the next iPhone.
The vast majority of iPhone 4 owners are happy and don't experience the "death grip". The vast majority of iPhone 4 owners who do experience it are getting their bumpers and will settle down. The minority of whiners will not be enough to keep this issue alive in the media anymore. It's over!

I'm sure most people knew the fact that covering the antenna with your hand degrades reception. It's almost common sense if you ask me. And most of their videos they have are them tightly griping the phone that is not really comfortable or a common grip. The fact that other manufacturers actually THINK about how people hold the phone AND put the antenna in a spot furthest from a human hand being able to cover it when held in a COMFORTABLE, NORMAL, and COMMON position.
And what Apple also fails to realize is that it ONLY takes a single TOUCH. Just ONE finger. Which is a design flaw whether you like it or now. If you don't believe it to be, then it's ignorance on your behave, even if you're happy with your iPhone 4.

And one then Apple failed to realize is that the whole antennagate deal became to big, I'm sure most people decided not to report their problem since it was already said to be a problem by the media. So the 0.55% of people reporting the problem is a pathetic and worthless stat. Why didn't they take the time to ASK EVERY iPhone 4 user? Because that 0.55% stat does not include every single iPhone 4 user.

Apple has the right to defend itself. If you guys so fed up with Apple and the iPhone 4, then return it. Go over to the Android and Verizon. I'm pretty sure 3 million people with the iPhone 4 are pretty happy with it. Get a life and move on.

Honestly Apple, STOP IT! First of all, no one in their right mind is going to hold the phone like that! You gave the public your solution, free cases! Make an advertisement about that, don't keep trying to drag this out with ridiculous accusations!
Please just show some class, and give it a rest!

It is as simply as including a Bumper with each and every iPhone 4 shipped after September 30th. No muss, no fuss, no recall. Over and out.

You know what the difference is? With the iPhone, all I need is ONE FINGER to cause the drop in bars, not an entire hand. Why don't they show that? Put ONE FINGER on the phone and see if it drops...

Classless at the beginning, classless to the end. Jobs is really sounding more like a petulant schoolchild each day. This continued finger pointing and braying does nothing but make Apple look bad -- it is almost as if at this point he is deliberately trying to tarnish Apple's reputation and his own legacy.
All he (and Apple) has to do is to leave by the (modified) old adage "selling well is the best revenge."
If, from the outset, Jobs had just come clean, this never would blown up into (according to Gruber) $100m+ opportunity cost in case revenues for Apple. Jobs' ego took what should have been a minor blip and turned it into this "Antennagate." Now that it has blown up, he just needs to shut up, smile sagely, and open his mouth to say only "yes, we made some design choices, most are excellent, one problem exists in one situation, here is the workaround if it bugs you. Oh, and even though our sales suggest people can't get enough of our product as is, we're never going to stop improving each time around. Expect better. We do."
That would be a much better impression to leave in people's minds when they think of Apple than this grade school finger pointing.

Illuminati people they just don't give a Sh*t about us you middle class people just need 2 Shut Up. He who has the Gold Makes the Rules I will Rule you people in 2012.>!!!!!!!Rich Power!!!!!!!!< because Antennagate isn't a real issue according to Jobs, Apple is showing the issue with other phones? Also, no one other than Apple seems to have been able to reproduce this.
Regardless, even if other phones did drop bars when you held them...would that justify Apple's hardware problems as well? Shouldn't Apple, the biggest tech company in the world, the company with the most on hand cash in the world, be able to lead the forefront and bring out the greatest and best hardware first?
Instead, we get 6 month old hardware(Nexus One specs) that carry out its primary function of being a phone well.

*Instead, we get 6 month old hardware(Nexus One specs) that CAN'T carry out its primary function of being a phone well.

I don't think it's possible to be ruled by someone stupid enough to use numbers in the place of words and remember the people in Washington think that "a man is not entitled to the sweat of his brow". Also privleged kids don't rule, rather money rules them.

Apple needs to stop already, this is getting childish. I'm so done with Apple. Jobs needs a life.

Lol umm I dot see what the big deal is. The only people who are going to watch this video are people like us. Who love technology and cell phones. But to the average person I don't think they really care an will probably never watch these videos and won't return their phones. Apple can do what they want even if it's childish it's not going to affect them one bit.

apple PR is there for a reason. There will be some effect or they wouldn't be posting the videos and having conferences. Whatever it is, I won't get the iPhone 4 fanboy band wagon until a jailbreak is ready and the antenna design flaw is fixed.

Apple, this is now to the point of stupidity. Your design is flawed on the antenna. Stop "momey his does it to" other phones do this also, but they do it because that is the nature of normal cell phones. Your phone does it because you can ground out the antenna by skin touching the two exposed antenna strips. This is a design flaw. Admit it. If you keep this thing going, I think you will have to do a total recall. If the white phone has an antenna fix, your going to have to explain why you never recalled the black phones. Let it go. We are tired of hearing about this.

Rene, this doesn't constitute as a death grip. In order for it to go, you have to block both antenenna, at the top and bottom at the phone, and hold it there. Last time I checked, nobody hold their phone like that. If you even go to, they try to replicate, besides the position being painful and awkward(seriously, who the hell holds a phone like that) they didn't drop any bars. Saying the Droid X has a death drip is like saying you know how to swim when you're wearing a life vest and swimmies.

Just let it die. By December nobody will remember it because they're obviously gonna have a slight re-design(see White iPhone delay) internally. Most people will have a case for their phone regardless and all will be right in the land of Jobs.

Palm wouldn't lower themselves to this kind of slant....HP have got bigger fish to fry the Apple and it's pathetic antenna sticker solution ! Stev Jobs get some balls man ! Call the phones back ! If Toyota can do it ....surely the all mighty Apple can....?

Okay. You guys need to understand apple. Apple is very sensitive; they take a lot of pride in their products. And they play nice until a competitor plays dirty, then they dish it back in like manner. This video is a response to the droid X commercial bashing the iPhone 4 for it's antennae problems. Once they did that Apple pulled out all the punches and released this video. Guys! Understand that apple holds grudges and dishes out punishment when someone wrongs them. I can think of a million more examples of this.

I death gripped my iphone 4 the other day and bars went up, should I post a YouTube video of that? Let this issue pass ...

Someone said the public is "not buying into this"
Ummm just who are you referring to ? I consider myself a common sense individual, so yes I AM buying into this.
I love seeing all these videos of other smart phones having the death grip.
WHY? because it makes the iPhone 4's issue irrelevant.
To say that apple should not be posting these, or the 100's of other people on YOUTUBE should not be posting these videos is fascism, plain as day.
So you guys are allowed to make fun of Apple, but they aren't allowed to show other phones having the same problem?

..oh so when Apple was being attacked it was ok, but now that they are on the offensive people call it silly and childish. Get real. Apple is making a point, and a good one.

Its childish because they are going about it in a terrible way. Not only was the problem much bigger than Jobs would care to admit, but instead of offering a fix he told them "you are holding it wrong" and "buy a case". And the other reason it is childish is because people touch the left corner of the iPhone 4 and it loses the bars. Apple is doing a death grip in unnatural positions to get the same results(apparently mixed according to This is typical childish Apple marketing strategy, just like the dozens of "I'm a Mac" commercials that just discredit and try to tear down Windows. And if I recall, Microsoft never had ads "playing dirty".

As a user of "PC" computers for more than twenty years, I always knew the Apple userbase was a little ... off. These reactions to Apple's well-justified best defense of their product suggest my view was far too conservative. All this callow, self-righteous nerd rage is ill-founded and misdirected.

Everyone bashes apple and thats fair, but when apple hits back all you losers cry!!!! Apple has every right to defend itself when attacked! Apple didnt attack first but only in defense, thats fair! If you can dish out you can take it you bunch of fandroid losers!

Sure. Apple have their rights to counter the "attack".
As long as it counter-attacked the right target.
So, you think it's a respectable move from the respectable great company?
Well, I don't.

@Steve, yes, the dirty tactics are the worst part. What really turned my stomach about the "I'm a Mac" commercials is that they mocked the users of PCs as much as the competitor's product. They're like negative political ads. Mud slinging, just like they're handling antennagate. It may be effective, but it's morally wrong. It's very sad to see people champion such behavior.

99% of the losers here complaining about apple on a iphone blog are not even iphone users, so what are you losers doing here other than trolling? You have nothing good to contribute to this site.

Thank you Apple!! Droid blew this antenna issue out of the water, to take Apple down!!! Laugh out loud!!!! If it wasn't for Apple genius technology, Droid and others wouldn't haven't even thought of touch screen!!!!!!! IDIOTS!!!! They should be bowing down to Apple because HTC and others wouldn't have sooo much profits right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had a sprint palm pre for over a year and there has never that I can remember a drop in bars in any way you hold the phone. Hell if you have a touch stone then you have a phone with 4 magnets on the back and still no drop in cell sig or wifi sig.

Oh, you and your Kool-aid.
The problem is that Apple set themselves up. Who made the antenna in a place just about everyone touches? (unlike the Droid, where it's in an obscure place) Who sent out an e-mail to hold it differently? Who then blamed the entire industry for their mistakes? Apple. You're a tool if you think what Apple is doing is right. If Jobs didn't stick his foot in his mouth so damn much, nobody would make fun of Apple so much.
And these videos will have such a negative effect on Apple. By now, everyone knows of Iphones glaring issues. You think them deflecting it is going to make them look any better? No, people will lose respect for Apple for it's pathetic mudslinging.

Millions of iphones sold, iphones still selling out cant keep them instock any where sooooooooo what your saying really holds no water move along.

German "Consumer Reports", aka "Stiftung Warentest", have tested the iPhone 4 against other phones to see if Apple's claims about all phones having the same issues are true.
They found that you can drop the iPhone 4's signal by up to 90% by touching its weak spot.
They couldn't make any other phone's signal drop by more than 25%, even when gripping them tightly, not just touching them.
Here's the whole article:

If you cover an antenna, of course signal is going to go down. Welcome to radio frequencies 101.
The issue here Apple, is not this, it is the fact that NO OTHER PHONE has a single point that you can touch that drops your signal or call.
Stop trying to cover up your design issue which is 100% unique to the iPhone 4 and no one else.

Robbie H. Touchscreen was used on phones LONG before iPhone came to the scene. Maybe you should actually know something about phone history before saying something with little basis in fact.

I thing Apple is obviously proving the point that this is indeed an industry issue. Apple's competitors made public statements denying that their phones that "death grip / touch"... Well It's obvious there were not telling truth.
With that said, Apple I think you proved your point and should move on from this.

Cegar, go to Droids fanpage, obviously you are anti Apple, what phone had touch screen, pinch and zoom, app store before Apple, you can imitate not duplicate!!!!!

@P Rock
Apple hasn't proven anything but how careless they are. There was an interview with RIM, Nokia, Samsung, and HTC and pretty much every one of them stated they study how people hold their phones, and design them accordingly.
And no other phone but the iPhone 4 loses reception from touching a certain spot in a normally grabbed area. All the other phones Apple keeps showing in the "death grips" are exactly that. The people of Apple purposely try finding the correct grip to cut the signal off, even if it means they are holding it completely unnaturally. And as seen on, its not even reproducible, much less the same quantity of people its happened to.

Wow I heard of Apple Fanboys but this is ridiculous... they are actually defending apple's flaws too... LOL.. funny stuff

Seriously. Can Apple tell us if our old iPhone 3G/3GS have this antennagate issue? Did it lie to us?

Rene, the thing you need to realize that the iPhone 4 death grip is the way you would naturally hold the phone, The Droid X on the other hand, is completely unorthodox, since you have to not only block the bottom antenna, but cover the top one too. Please, just give up trying to defend Apple on this situation by trying to make the competitors look bad.

BTW I'd be pretty upset too if I spent my hard earned money on an inferior device with a far inferior operating system named after desserts. I'd also be pretty upset if I was stuck using old technology like CDMA. Hate all you want but I can guarantee the Droid X will NOT sell like the iPhone 4 is and the media has done nothing but criticize the iPhone 4 for its antenna issue. I don't see millions upon millions of people rushing to the stores to buy a Droid X. Why? Because like I said their operating system is a joke compared to iOS devices and always will be. You say we drink the "Apple Kool-Aid" but yet you down the Google Kool-Aid yourself. So think before you speak as well Fandroids.

agreed with hyperfire.
The more fanboys defending apple, trolls attacks even harder. It's nice to have critics sometime, so we don't do the same mistakes in the future. That's what makes us stronger. I guess those sentence not for apple that I used to respect.

Phone advertising is starting to feel like a political race. I wish everyone would stop the mudslinging. Apple and Android both have amazing phones that have revolutionized our society. They both have a bunch of broken or ill executed features, but who cares. I finally realized that to get the best experience, I needed to buy an iphone and a nexus one. Now I can have video conferences and enjoy flash content and tethering! Stop degrading each other and accept that you both suck and you both rule!

"A" shouldn't precede a vowel. It should read "Poor Apple, they ArE truly aN overrated company."
And yes you must be correct. So overrated they are the most successful technology company in the world as it stands by stock value. That's for sure overrated. Go Google and Microsoft!!!

Why are we non-iphone users here? LOL... I got here searching for droid x info.
For all of you LOLing at how the issues were obviously overblown by apples competitors... have you seen the review done by the independent group from Germany, which tested apples claims, and found that apples signal attenuation problem is 99%. Apples competitors problems showed a maximum attenuation of 25%. Big difference huh? Guaranteed dropped call vs, nearly no call impact. It is also worth noting that apples postings of the attenuation (which is only 25% as significant as apples) involves holding the phone in a non-standard way. The problem with the i-phone involves the standard way of holding the phone.
Ultimately the i phone antenna issue is real... yes any antenna will attenuate... but only the iphone has a design flaw resulting in nearly guaranteed droped calls using a standard hold technique.
Ever wonder why this complaint never cropped up before? You really think it's all a conspiracy? Come on... let's try a little realism here. It's not like there's no problems with other phones... but did you notice the difference in the companies responses?
Apple had an antenna issue due to defective design, and blames consumers, blames EVERYONE else, and only after a long time of denial, says that maybe there's a problem and offers a free case.
Motorola had a screen issue... due to quality control (NOT defective design) and acknowledges the issue nearly immediately, and provides free phones to replace anyone who has the issue.
I know which response I think is correct...

Stock Value has nothing to do with whether a company is overrated or not. And I love how you threw Microsoft in there too, because that competition Apple had with them went oh so well didn't it? I'll give you a hint. One company controls 90% of the computer market, and its not Apple. History repeats itself, and that is something Apple seems to be doing all over again.

Hey all you people saying apple sucks and iPhones are stupid, let ne point out that your on "the iPhone" wow people are stupid..

I've had an iPhone since the first one came out... Had the 2G for two years and now I have a 3GS... I like apple products but the way apple is handling this situation is terrible, you had your conference, gave people their bandaids, stop with all these mobile tests, it looks ridiculous and like a little kid crying because they got caught by dragging everyone else with them. Focus on making the next iPhone better, without a weak spot like the iPhone 4, it's still a great phone and the numbers speak for itself. But these videos had to stop

Apple no video can repair YOUR stupidity. Yes is common sense a bar may drop, but yoir hand covers a majority of the antenna common sense. However have a drop call isn't a excuse, its a smartphone...keyword PHONE Mr. Jobs

I have no problem with what Apple produces, as they have revolutionized the MP3 player market and helped the smart phone market get where it is now (The iPad and their laptops/computers are a different story). I do however have a problem with how they seem to think they are the end all be all of everything technology, and they simply don't make mistakes. This NEVER would have been a big issue if Apple would have just came clean and admitted they messed up.
Instead they denied it happening, then blamed the user, then are blaming other companies. And the last part really back fired when those companies responded back and slandered and proved Apple wrong(like the iPhone 4 proportionally having more than 30 times as many antenna/signal complaints as the Eris). Or when consumers and tech sites fail to get the same results as Apple in these videos. Apple needs to get off their high horse and realize that isolating their consumer base with stupid comments and slandering other companies isn't going to help them sell more.

If anyone actually believes this they are just blindly believing mr jobs. I went to the verizon store its all a scam.
The bars do not go down! This is all to cover up the worst hardware on the planet. Apple just admit it! this is childish.

@Steve they are doing something right aren't they? Jumped ahead of Microsoft in stock value. But you are right that means absolutely nothing I forgot. I guess constantly selling new products faster then you can produce them means they are overrated. I guess 100,000,000+ iOS devices is overrated. I guess the fact that everyone like Google wants their phones to be like Apple's proves they are overrated. You guys just sold me. Where do I sign up for the dessert phones?

@Brian T
I already said they did a hell of a job with the iPod and a pretty good job with the iPhone. And you think that the first time in decades that Apple is ahead of Microsoft in stock value means they are better? Maybe it has to do with the prices Apple charges (50 cent rubber case selling for $30, or charging $1000 more for a Macbook compared to a similar windows based laptop).
And how is Google copying Apple? Android doesn't look anything like iOS, but sure does have a lot more useful features. Like checking the weather or your facebook news feed without having to open an app. And the Hero, Evo, Droid, Incredible, and Droid X all look nothing like an iPhone. I will admit that Samsung is blatantly ripping off the iPhone design though with the Galaxy S.

OMG...These iPhone fanboys are a bit ridiculous. This isn't an iPhone only blog. Its iPad, and iPod too. seriously. I have a Droid, an iPad, and an iPod touch. I also have a macbook, had many previous iPods, iPhone, and iPhone 3g.
Seriously though, I love both Android and Apple, but Steve Jobs should focus less on everyone else, and fix their own problems. The Droid X in real world useage doesn't have this "antennagate" problem. You need to cover both antennas on the top and bottom of the phone to cause a problem. I tried doing it with my cousin's X, but my fingers barely reached, and unable to cause a problem.

Apple screwed up and now they're lying about the nature of the problem.
No other phone suffers from the same issues.
Here are the facts, the real ones:
Anandtech has shown that the Nexus One’s signal drops by only 10dBm when holding it normally, while the iPhone 4’s signal drops by 24dBm.
Even when gripped tightly, the Nexus One’s signal drops by only 17dBm, compared to 24dBm on the iPhone. And of course, nobody holds his phone like that in normal use.
CNET have done a video that has shown that, even when the iPhone 4 has 5 bars, by just touching the weak spot, the person on the other end can’t hear you anymore.
German Stiftung Warentest have done scientific testing and seen the iPhone 4’s reception drop by 90% when the weak spot gets touched.
They could not make other phones drop more than 25%, even when gripping them tightly.
Steve Jobs himself has confirmed that the iPhone 4 drops up to one more call per 100 than the 3GS (it must be very close to one, otherwise he would have used other numbers). AT&T’s average dropped call rate is 1.44%, they claim.
If the iPhone 3GS is an ‘average’ AT&T phone, that means the iPhone 4 drops about 67% more calls than the 3GS. A HUGE increase!
The real issue is not that you can make the signal drop, but HOW and by HOW MUCH.
HOW: Hold the iPhone 4 naturally in your left hand, like everyone does while surfing or making left-handed calls.
That’s very different from ‘death-gripping’.
HOW MUCH: 20dBm vs. 10dBm or 90% vs. 25% or 99% vs. 90%, depending on your system of measurement. Or, in other words: Much more than with other phones.
And I can even explain to you WHY the iPhone has those problems and other phones don’t.
The iPhone 4 is the only phone that lets yoou ground the antenna by bridging it with other metal parts.
Other phones let you shield the antenna, which of course causes attenuation. A drop of 10dBm means power drops by a factor of 10, or 90%.
But that’s very different to grounding the antenna, which causes it to become completely ineffective. A drop of 20dBm means power drops by a factor of 100, or 99%.
That means, if you hold both phones naturally, the Nexus One still recieves ten times the radiation power of the iPhone 4.
At -91dBm (the minimum for full 5 bars in iOS4.0), the Nexus One only shows 3 bars, but it can still easily make crystal clear calls when held naturally, even though it loses 10dBm, whereas the iPhone 4 gets very close to dropping the call, which happens at -113dBm.
Bars don’t mean anything. If one phone shows 4 bars at -90dBm and another shows 4 bars at -80dBm, the radiation power recieved by the first phone is still 90% less than that recieved by the latter.
By showing us bars, instead of doing real reception and audio quality measurements, Apple essentially admits that other phones don’t have any real issues.

I believe that a phone’s most crucial and important functionality besides the camera, e-mail, internet, etc. should be making calls and keeping you connected to that call regardless of how you hold your phone. The iPhone may be a popular phone but if it can’t perform such a crucial and basic task with ease, then what is the purpose of that phone? I also don't understand why Apple never admitted this "death grip" on their 3G or 3GS if according to Steve, "ALL" phones have a "death grip"?
What surprises me about this issue is that through out my time, I’ve had different phones by different carriers, Nokia, Samsung, Audiovox, Motorola and never have I experienced an issue where I had to hold my phone a certain way to make a call; Apple who manufactures one phone a year can’t get the simplest feature of a cell phone correct.

Everyone is wondering why Apple keeps bring up antenna issues with competitors.....are you serious?
It's because everyone continues to talk about it, and as long as these Droid Douchbags continue to beat a dead horse and post "facts" on this site, Apple will continue to reap the benefits of all this publicity. Other companies stock would have plummetted. Anyone paying attention to Apple's stock price lately?
Continue on, Droid Douchbags.

Laughing out loud at Apple.
It's really sad that they feel the need to do s*** like this. I mean, these are playground level antics. No matter how many videos of death grips they make, that is not going to mitigate the situation that Apple has brought upon itself with its retarded antennae.
The fact is, no Droid X users have come forth en masse, complaining about loss of data, dropped calls, etc. Apple iPhone 4 users have. Sorry Steve Jobs, cry about it.

So let me get this straight. When other companies poke fun at apple's antenna issues, it's them being "childish" and then when they defend against what apple says about them they're "Going to far" (Even though Nokia and Motorola made statements backup UP Apple after their conference.)
But when Apple posts these videos showing someone gripping handhelds in ways that someone would NEVER hold the device during a call (what they're demonstrating) is just "showing the facts."
Sorry Rene, but Apple is being REALLY petty here.
And to those people talking about how the droidx won't sell as many models as the iphone. It doesn't need to and it wasn't BUILT to. Android is an OS, not a device. The OS activates 160,000 units a day. A single device doesn't need to do that for the OS to expand. That's the point. This whole "the (insert single device here) won't sell as many units as the iphone is more than pointless.
-And yes, this was sent from my macbook pro

The iPhone 4 is awsome. I think everybody has blown this antenna thing out of proportion. Who is going to carry this fragile glass phone around without a case of some sort? I know I wouldn't. To try to prove that other phones have the same prolem is a mistake, in my opinion. They should have let it go. That said, I have chosen the Droid X, which is also awsome, and I cannot reproduce the dropping bars like Apple has done in their video. I'm not saying that the Apple guy with the big hands didn't see those bars drop on the Droid X, but my big hands sure didn't. Apple's response to this antenna thing has been a bit shameful, honestly. I would expect better from that world-class company.

Why would you hold a phone like that? I've never held any candy-bar-design phone the way Apple is doing, including my iPhone. This is still a design issue Apple chose to do and are now getting slagged for.
Apple test=FAIL! Thanks for playing, try again?

Android fanbois: "Hah! lulz wtf, Steve says people are holding it wrong? what a load of BS! iphone sux0rs!"
Apple: video of Android phones dropping like rocks
Android fanbois: "WTF?! UR holding it wrong!!"

I've had lots of ATT phones, and none has dropped nearly as many calls as the iPhone 4. The few of us that have them in the office all notice alot more drops.

The difference is, that the way they are holding theX in the video NO ONE would do if they were actually USING the phone during a call. Period.
With the iphone, you can ground the antenna by holding the device in a very NATURAL manner.

The amount of money spent buying the iPhone 4, the monthly payments in addition to waiting in line for 9 hours and the ending result is that I now have to hold the phone in a "special" way for it to work at it's best, and that isn't saying much with AT&T, leaves me with a feeling that more should be done like a recall instead of just showing me that other phones do it too! I DON'T CARE! I want the phone that I was suppose to of received. APPLE is a company that is amazing. I brag about the fact that I'm a MAC ADDICT!! I think it's time I start seeking help.

At the same time as I like a bodily keyboard, after dealing with the Samsung Captivate for about quarter-hour, it is hard to go back. Presently I am debating whether or not to visit Verizon for the Droid X, go to Sprint for the EVO, or stay with AT&T for the Captivate...decisions, decisions.

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