Apple's New In-Ear Headphones to Begin Shipping Soon

It looks like Apple's new in-ear headset will begin shipping any day now, according to what Macrumors is reporting. Yesterday Apple end-of-life'd the old headphones which simply means they will no longer be shipping them to resellers and when that happens, it generally means the new product is on it's way.

In case you missed the announcement of these new headphones, here's the deal:


blockquote>The new Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic are engineered for superior acoustic accuracy, balance, and clarity. So you hear details you’ve been missing with other, lesser headphones. And the biggest breakthrough? They’re just $79.

Are you willing to drop $79 for these bad boys?

[Via Macrumors]

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Reader comments

Apple's New In-Ear Headphones to Begin Shipping Soon


I was about to ask the same question :) iPhone already supports remote control (the mic/button attached to the earphones shipped with the phone) so is it the volume control that's not supported?

After thinking about it, maybe it is due to the volume control - maybe the 2.2 software update will allow this, but as of now, they are not compatible.

I agree with Phil. I think the update will allow compatibility. Good call.
I wonder if these will be in the 3rd gen iPhone, or all the new nanos if the old one is End of Life.
I doubt it.

I think they meant the old in-ear headphones that apple was selling for like 60 bucks a pop but they kept falling out the ears so nobody really bought them. so hopefully they kill those and not the regular earphones we all know and love. (they're still pretty solid for a quick music fix. )

As much as I hate to say this my lawnmower destroyed my original iPhone earphones so I used some standard BB (I refuse to type the fully name) and they work fine. The talk button functions as well as a play/pause button when listening to music.

I've been asking around a few forums to see if the actual specifications on these are anything near as good as more expensive in ears like Bose or low end Shures, but have had no success. Does anyone have any experience of audio specs on earphones to compare them ?