Apple's New In-Ear Headphones Now Available to Order

For those of you waiting for Apple's new headphones, the patience you have displayed for the past 3 months has paid off. The day is finally here and you can now place your order.


blockquote>Hear every detail of your music every time you tune in with the Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic. They offer pro audio performance and impressive sound isolation, and convenient buttons let you adjust the volume and control music and video playback.

The Apple store is claiming the Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic will begin shipping within 7-10 business days and will run you $79. The earphones with remote and mic carry a 3-4 week wait and have a price tag of $29. And with that 3-4 week wait, don't expect these before the holidays.

Place your order today!

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Reader comments

Apple's New In-Ear Headphones Now Available to Order


anyone who buys these piece of crack is out of his/her mind. I will recommend that you look at Motorola S9 Stereo Bluetooth HD that comes w/ A2DP. Sounds is unbeatable. Have been using for almost a month now. Dont buy anymore Apple highly price piece of shit.

what? another wire from apple. If Sony, Motorola and others can produce a stereo bluetooth headset for Iphone, why can't Apple.There you go again Steve, sucking our hard earned $$$.

not worth it i'll rather spend my $$$ at sunset blvd. i have lost my faith with apple. they are scam artist always offering you an incomplete product.

You guys are 100% wrong! These DO work with the iPhone 3G. The only part of these headphones that do not work are the volume controls (big deal!). That means the ear buds, mic, and playback button (call/end button) work as well. Link below for proof:

Josh said there is a problem wirh volume control. Why waste your money on a piece of shit that is problematic. Another ploy from apple? Perhaps, coz aftwr they will come up with a better one.

I'm confused about the iPhone compatibility angle. if they don't work with the iPhone, then why do they have a Mic?
I haven't seen anything say explicitly that they don't work with the iPhone, just that the iPhone is not in the list of compatible devices.. Accidental Omission?

They find it necessary to call them "In-Ear" Headphones? Do they think I'm going to shove them up my nose? :lol:

They work on the iPhone. And what I find really interesting is that 2 of the above posters who seem to dislike Apple share the same IP! Wow that is super odd… (sarcasm)

i like apple a lot but i dont like anymore products from apple that involve wires. technology is advance guess we have to get rid if these hussles.

I bought the motorola S9 headphones and had to return them because of poor reception and a uncomfortable fit.. My old motorola ht820 headset worked and fit better, so I thought the newer smaller S9 would be better. They were a big disappointment.

Hmm. I can live w/o the volume control. I'd just read that they weren't going to work with it not that they'd only partially work with it. If I can find other confirmation on this, well, they're getting ordered.
Thanks for the heads-up.


cant understand these sissys. commenting out of context. learn to read then make your comment appropiately. use your head if you have and dont like cry babies. enough.......

Well, gab... I don't expect we'll ever be able to learn to read anything YOU write. I think you lost us a bit at the end there. :lol: