Apple's latest 'Your Verse' offers a look at how Bollywood uses Apple products

Apple has updated their "Your Verse" site — that's the new ad campaign for the iPad Air — with a piece about how Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan uses his iPad to capture different scenes and other inspiring pictures and video.

As a Bollywood choreographer, I don't just direct dance movements. I also scout locations, help choose costumes and props, and stay in touch constantly with the team. I depend on my iPad Air for all of it. — Feroz Khan

Apple tells us how Khan uses his iPad with apps like SloPro and Artemis HD to bring his ideas to life. It's a really great read, and shows how well modern technology can do more than just play Candy Crush Saga.

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple's latest 'Your Verse' offers a look at how Bollywood uses Apple products


Well, that looks like an ad commissioned by Apple. None of the "Actors" in the video are known Bollywood actors. Plus, the song playing the video is from a few years old movie. So, that's not a real movie that Feroz Khan is working on, using his iPad.

Do you know the name of the song or the name of the movie you said it was played ...I really liked it ...

And no one in the western hemisphere cares about this Bollywood stuff....
Apple should bring more "Enterprise"-Like-Videos to show how you can use iPad and iPhone related to enterprise needs.... And more consumer-like-videos on stuff like iCloud, Garageband, iWork etc.etc. to show consumers where they can be more productive and save time...
This kind of video is not really inspiring me to buy an iPad (ok... i have one :-))

Ok... the reason for this is clear... In UK there are a lot immigrants from India... But it's only in UK (when i speak here for the european western hemisphere). So you're right for UK... but not for the rest of europe...
But for this people have to understand that UK is very different from the rest of europe...
- They drive on the wrong side of the street
- Live on a small Island
- It's allways raining there etc.etc.


There are a lot of Indian immigrants (many into their second, third, or even fourth generation now) in other Western nations, such as Australia, Canada, and America. That you don't think Bollywood is a big deal is baffling. Bollywood movies are also watched by far more people than just those of Indian origin.

As for your snide points at the end, (incidentally, a smiley face does not excuse rudeness), I'll just ask you to grow up before posting again.

I'm not rude... but i see... you are not a person to joke with.
And it seems that you don't understand common european jokes about UK .... And this is the reason why i stop this conversation here. Don't want to waste mine and your time.