Apple's Magic Trackpad/Magic Slate gets approved by FCC?

That Magic Trackpad/Magic Slate that we expected to be announced back at WWDC finally seems to have gotten the green light from the FCC and received approval. As Engadget points out, Apple generally keeps all of their device filings with the FCC locked down and with this filing being released there is great possibility we may see this new device hit the stores later this week.

This new Magic Trackpad/Magic Slate has long been rumored to be a large, flat surface with iPhone/iPad-like capacitive multitouch input to the Mac. Possibly supporting the full range of gestures that the iPhone and iPad currently support. If you look at page 45 of the FCC test report you will see the device is described as a "Bluetooth Trackpad". Something even more telling about the test report is the fact it was completed back in October of 2009.

Why would Apple be holding this device back on us for almost a year now?


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Reader comments

Apple's Magic Trackpad/Magic Slate gets approved by FCC?


Hmm, I think it would be interesting if Apple integrated a trackpad into the keyboard, such as replacing the number pad on the extended keyboard. Maybe even offering left and right handed versions.

Hmm... I can't follow the logic. Why not use the ipad and the airmouse app? Seems to be a single function product. It might be a better route for apple to develop an app like airmouse so that the ipad could be use as track pad or keyboard at the same time. I would rather sell ipads and apps that for sure will be purchased by millions of people rather than a single function product that just sells to Mac owners.

Umm a $500 trackpad? That is what an iPad would turn out to be. No thanks. I'll try the magicpad (maybe)

Agree with Tyler, can't see wasting battery life on a $500 product for what amounts to "track pad/mouse functions."