Apple's Market Cap Exceeds Google's

Digital Daily brings BOOM!ing word that Apple's market cap has just exceeded Google's, at $159.37 vs. $157.56.

Good on Steve Jobs and Apple. And kudos to Valleywag for saying, way back in 2007 that this would happen because "Apple knows how to design not just gadgets, but the businesses that go around them."

We here at TiPb have been marveling at Apple's unique 360 degree spherical integration for a while now as well.

We, like pretty much everyone else in the blogosphere, probably can't help but wonder how Michael "I'd shut down Apple and give the money back to its shareholders" Dell is doing lately? But is all this market cap stuff really anything more than a seriously juicy headline? Any savvy investors reading, please enlighten me on how much more or faster this news, never mind the ever fickle and capricious dice-game that is the current market, will restore our childlike sense of wonder?

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple's Market Cap Exceeds Google's


Sure, the market caps are one way to look at them. However, both stocks are trading at P/E multiples that are far too high for any value investor to get in. They are both at multiples in the mid-30s, while the classic "value investors" (Graham, Buffett, etc.) only look at stocks in the 15-ish range. If you buy either of these shares, you might as well just go throw some money on the roulette table. There is a ton of froth in both of these stock prices. Look, for comparison at the shares of some old-school stocks, like Pfizer (trading at a multiple of around 15) and GE (~14). Even MSFT looks reasonably priced at around a 15 multiple.