Apple's (Product) RED contributions for the AIDS fight top $70 million

(Product) RED case for iPhone 5s

Apple has raised over $70 million this year for (RED), a project to help fight AIDS in Africa. A portion of select Apple products was donated to the fund, this year's total beating out the $65 million from 2013. Donations were made from (PRODUCT)RED merchandise including the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPhone 4s bumper and various iPad smart covers and cases (all in brilliant red of course).

Find out more on the project at If you want to help out you can buy any of the (PRODUCT)RED items directly from Apple.

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Adam Zeis

Mobile Nations Content Strategist

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Apple's (Product) RED contributions for the AIDS fight top $70 million


What are you referring to with your comments on Bing? AFAIK the Bing search engine isn't part of this story at all.

This is so awesome! I just really hope there isn't a scandal and Product(RED) truly uses 100% of the profits towards AIDS research, etc.

Side note: there is NO way you Product(RED) Apple case is that pristine. 0_o if it is, then kudos to you dude. Kudos.

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Good job Apple. Feels good when a share of ur purchase go's towards a good cause.
Glad I picked a RED leather case for my iPhone 5 !