Apple's Product RED contributions stand at $65 million according to Bono

Besides looking awesome, Apple's Product RED range of hardware and accessories serves to raise money for the charity's fight against AIDS. In a public address, Bono, a major figure behind the initiative, has told us all just how much Apple has raised:

"Apple is certainly leading the crew" Thank you Apple for raising over $65 million to fight AIDS.

The Product RED range looks hot, and is raising vast amounts of money to help others in need. Good job everyone.

Source: (Product) RED (Twitter) via Engadget

Richard Devine

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Solublepeter says:

My (RED) 5S case arrived today- looks great.

LMZR says:

I got a (RED) iPod Touch 5th gen on January of this year.

Galley says:

My only Product (RED) purchase was the leather iPad 3 Smart Cover.

vinny jr says:

That is great news to hear, going to buy one of those red leather cases.