Apple's Steve Jobs Dislikes Google's Eric Schmidt?


Jim Goldman of CNBC claims to have a source that is giving up some goods on the whole Apple and Microsoft teaming up against Google fiasco story:

  • Microsoft wants part of the iPhone pie as the Bing app is currently bringing more web traffic than all of their Verizon deals put together.
  • Microsoft is willing to pay Apple more than Google.
  • Apple simply needs the search API from Bing, nothing more. (They will roll their own UI).
  • Lastly, "Jobs hates Eric"

Ouch, that last one stings. How long will it be until we see Apple create their own search engine? Anyone taking bets?

[via The Reptile via Yahoo]

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Reader comments

Apple's Steve Jobs Dislikes Google's Eric Schmidt?


If IPhone loses default search engine Google, PERSONALLY I don't find it as a big issue as long as i can still acess google on safari there isn't much of an issue

All of the major search engines have an app in the app store. Some of them add features that you wouldn't get in Safari. In reality, it's more about $ than it is about capability. Still, I think Apple eventually goes it alone but Jobs hates Schmidt stuff could make for some fun reading in the business news.

"How long will it be until we see Apple create their own search engine?"
Hmmm... There must be some reason why Apple spent $1 billion setting up a data centre in North Carolina.

Has anyone forgotten that apple still has ties with yahoo? The weather app, stocks and a couple other data apps get info from yahoo.

I think completely dropping Google would be a bad idea - but I could see them creating a way for users to chose a search provider and adding Bing as an option - perhaps even default.

“How long will it be until we see Apple create their own search engine?”
First will come the BingROKR. Then will come iSearch.

I think that a lot of companies have gotten sick of Google, actually. I know that both T-Mobile and HTC are pretty pissed off at them over this Nexus One fiasco.

Who is Apple's biggest competitor?
Who is Bing made by?
Has no one thought of this...
Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard
Windows Mobile vs iPhone
Zune vs iPod
Sure Google has Android and as an Android owner myself I know Android has no real threat against iPhone. The best Android phone is the Droid(Which I happen to have) and it is clunky and have compared to iPhone. Then again there's no real Windows Mobile threat either but I don't think that Apple is going to give Microsoft anything or Microsoft give anything to Apple for that matter.

Wow, can you blame Steve Jobs? Eric Schmidt seems annoying when he's interviewed. What did he invent? He's just a suit and an annoying one at that.