Apple's Steve Jobs Dislikes Google's Eric Schmidt?


Jim Goldman of CNBC claims to have a source that is giving up some goods on the whole Apple and Microsoft teaming up against Google fiasco story:

  • Microsoft wants part of the iPhone pie as the Bing app is currently bringing more web traffic than all of their Verizon deals put together.
  • Microsoft is willing to pay Apple more than Google.
  • Apple simply needs the search API from Bing, nothing more. (They will roll their own UI).
  • Lastly, "Jobs hates Eric"

Ouch, that last one stings. How long will it be until we see Apple create their own search engine? Anyone taking bets?

[via The Reptile via Yahoo]


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BBCurve9300 says:

If IPhone loses default search engine Google, PERSONALLY I don't find it as a big issue as long as i can still acess google on safari there isn't much of an issue

The Reptile says:

All of the major search engines have an app in the app store. Some of them add features that you wouldn't get in Safari. In reality, it's more about $ than it is about capability. Still, I think Apple eventually goes it alone but Jobs hates Schmidt stuff could make for some fun reading in the business news.

Will says:

"How long will it be until we see Apple create their own search engine?"
Hmmm... There must be some reason why Apple spent $1 billion setting up a data centre in North Carolina.

Earless puppy says:

@Will. That is for their upcoming cloud service

frog says:

It's ironic that the article source came via Yahoo!

Chirpstuff says:

Has anyone forgotten that apple still has ties with yahoo? The weather app, stocks and a couple other data apps get info from yahoo.

RM says:

I think completely dropping Google would be a bad idea - but I could see them creating a way for users to chose a search provider and adding Bing as an option - perhaps even default.

Boots says:

Time for a new pic, I see this once every week!

Debonair says:

“How long will it be until we see Apple create their own search engine?”
First will come the BingROKR. Then will come iSearch.

Janey says:

I think that a lot of companies have gotten sick of Google, actually. I know that both T-Mobile and HTC are pretty pissed off at them over this Nexus One fiasco.

Microcosmos says:

Oh no!! Does this mean no more Google calendar & contacts support??

Martian says:

Who is Apple's biggest competitor?
Who is Bing made by?
Has no one thought of this...
Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard
Windows Mobile vs iPhone
Zune vs iPod
Sure Google has Android and as an Android owner myself I know Android has no real threat against iPhone. The best Android phone is the Droid(Which I happen to have) and it is clunky and have compared to iPhone. Then again there's no real Windows Mobile threat either but I don't think that Apple is going to give Microsoft anything or Microsoft give anything to Apple for that matter.

Commenter says:

Wow, can you blame Steve Jobs? Eric Schmidt seems annoying when he's interviewed. What did he invent? He's just a suit and an annoying one at that.