AT&T will knock $100 off your bill when you add a new iPhone, iPad

AT&T will knock 00 off your bill when you add a new iPhone, iPad

AT&T is offerring a $100 bill credit to new and existing customers that add a device to their plan, including smartphones and tablets. For iPad users, this is on top of the $100 discount you get when buying a new iPad through AT&T with a two-year commitment. Customers will get $100 taken off their bill for each new device they add, and they must remain in good standing with AT&T for 45 days.

The offer is open through March 31.

Will you be taking advantage of this offer? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: AT&T, via MacRumors

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nite732 says:

I left took seven lines over to T-Mobile. I had been with AT&T since it was southwestern bell. Was paying 310 a month for seven lines now I'm down to 165. I'm Happy.

Dan Hernandez says:

Wow. I was paying $316 for 4 lines.

Becjr says:

The thing I don't like about offers like this: $100 off for the 1st monthly bill w/ new line/device. AT&T makes out in that you're paying out additional $$ to them each month after that per device...
No thank you AT&T.

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dalsmavsfan says:

Great probably doesn't count on a new iPhone next plan I got two weeks ago.

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asuperstarr says:

I wish they would put that into customer service.

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icecrystal23 says:

Figures. Right after I added an ipad anyway...

Danny8200 says:

ATT trying too hard. They should just give up and match T Mobiles pricing. (Yup, I'm an ATT customer myself)

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Melisa Mely says:

Yes!!! I have transferred several phone services from VZ to AT&T past Sunday and called them today to get this credit I just noticed. It worked on the newly purchased iPhone 5S! Plus, they have waved all activation fees. About $170 of savings and cannot complain. Do not fall for their payment plan offer for the new iPhone. It will end up more! Already impressed compared to pricey VZ!