What are the best MacBook skins and decals?

Skins and decals are a great way to change up the look of your (somewhat boring-looking) MacBook so that it reflects your individual style. If you're obsessed with bright patterns, a specific TV show, cats, minimalist patterns, or the latest social media trend, there's totally a decal or skin to match your quirky, unique fashion sense!

Some are full skins that cover your MacBook entirely, while some of the others just cover the keyboard. It all depends on what you're looking for and what suits your tastes best.

Here are a few options to consider as you hunt for the perfect decal for you and your MacBook!

Sea Blue Marble MacBook skin

If you've been on Instagram in the last six months, you'll know how big marble has gotten. It's on everything from phone cases to headphones to t-shirts – and now it can be on your MacBook with these stunning marble covers from MacBookCasesandCo!

Designed with a removable vinyl, so no residue ruins your computer, the Marble MacBook skin is only 0.15mm thick and can be applied by simply pressing the skin onto the top of your MacBook.

You can order your skin with or without the Apple logo, depending on your taste, and if you're not a fan of the blue, there are plenty of other colors to choose from.

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dbrand skins for MacBook


If you're looking for a wide variety of skin and decal options that come in everything from wood to metal to leather to carbon fiber, then dbrand skins for MacBook are a great option to consider!

Variety and quality is key with dbrand: each skin is made with a 3M vinyl so that there's no risk of adhesive being left on your computer if you pull it off, while the skin promises to fit snugly and precisely to your MacBook.

You can even pick out a customized trackpad skin to go along with your decal!

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Art Princess Laptop Vinyl cover

If you're a fan of Disney Princesses and exquisite works of Rococo art, then why not smush the two together and pick up the Art Princess Laptop Vinyl cover from Littleboopty's Etsy shop?!

This sticker is made with a high-quality material that is easy to apply directly to your MacBook without messing up the alignment. Plus, if you do screw it up, the Princess cover is super simple to remove without leaving behind any pesky, sticky residue.

The cover itself depicts the Disney Princesses having a grand ol' time while their dresses and background match perfectly with Franz Xaver Winterhalter's timeless, popular piece, "Empress Eugenie, Surrounded by her Ladies-in-Waiting".

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iCasso 3D wall vinyl art skin

3D wall

If you want a skin that covers your entire MacBook, this iCasso 3D wall design is one stylish option for you.

It's made for 13.3-inch MacBook Pros, with the exception of the MacBook Pro 13.3-inch retina, so before buying, make sure that your MacBook is not the 13.3-inch retina version.

This skin is quite thin, less than 0.1mm, and weighs less than 5 ounces, so it won't add any weight or heft to your MacBook. While thin, it offers decent protection from scratches, and it is waterproof and oil-proof too. No more endless wiping to get rid of unsightly fingerprints and other marks.

The final positive point about this skin is that if you ever want to remove it, it leaves no sticky film or residue of any kind behind.

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Green Leaves MacBook skin

Keep your MacBook looking as fresh as a lush green forest with this Green Leaves MacBook skin!

Handmade from TheLittleBagCompany, this laptop decal comes in three matching leafy pieces, including a top, button, and a keyboard piece. The skin is designed to resist scratches and dust, so it adds a slight layer of protection to your MacBook.

The Green Leaves skin only comes in one color, but the vibrant greens of the decal's leaves are bound to catch the attention of every passionate plant lover.

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Slickwraps Natural series skins for MacBook

Slickwraps Natural

For a truly unique look for your MacBook, you can't go wrong with Slickwraps' Natural series.

Lovingly handcrafted from genuine Horween leather and high-grade wood, no two Slickwraps skins are alike. Since they are made from 100% natural products, patterns vary from skin to skin.

Slickwraps makes skins to fit most MacBook models. When you order on its website, you will first select your MacBook model and then you will select the material and color for your skin. Slickwraps skins cover the top of your MacBook only.

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All-inside ombre keyboard skins

All-inside ombre keyboard skin

Add some color to your MacBook's keyboard with this keyboard decal from All-inside. It comes in a variety of ombre (gradient) colors to suit your tastes.

There are a wide assortment of sizes that fit 13- to 17-inch MacBooks of any type, and, weighing in at about half an ounce, it won't bulk up your MacBook.

The decal is made from flexible, non-slip silicone, so your fingers have something to grip as you type. While most people don't have any problems typing with the decal on, it should be noted that it may take a little getting used to before you're typing with your usual speed and accuracy.

Finally, the decal itself is removable and washable at any time, so you can peel it right off and clean/disinfect it any time without damaging it or your MacBook's keyboard.

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Allytech silicone keyboard skin


If you want a patterned look for your MacBook's keyboard, check out this keyboard cover from Allytech.

It fits most MacBook sizes of any variety, from 13 to 17 inches. It will also fit the iMac Wireless Keyboard, and, like All-inside's ombre keyboard cover, this one is also made of high-quality silicone that maintains the tactility you need for fast and accurate typing. You may just have to type on it for a while to get used to its feel.

At 2.6 ounces, it's a bit heavy for a keyboard skin, but it is also removable and washable. This keyboard sticker is another attractive option for protecting your keyboard from damage due to spills and the wear and tear that comes from repeated typing.

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What MacBook skin is your favorite?!

Is there a MacBook skin that you're in love with? Have a decal you can't get enough of? Let us know in the comments below!