Bid for a lunch with Tim Cook, help a good cause

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook is offering a lunch date on charity auction site CharityBuzz. The current winning bid sits at $48,000, though the auction still has another 19 days to go. The winner and a guest will be able to snag an hour with Cook for lunch. They'll also have to get through security screening, and it may take up to a year to find a hole in Cook's schedule, according to the fine print.

Good on Cook for donating his time, in any case. Charitybuzz supports a wide range of causes, and their unique take on working with celebrities for these kinds of intimiate one-on-one meetings is bound to generate a lot of money. Cook previously auctioned off a coffee sit-down for $600,000, so this second go around is bound to generate a lot of money for charity.

What would you talk about with Tim Cook if you had an hour to sit down with him? How high do you figure this auction will go? If you want to follow the auction, hit up Tim Cook's Charitybuzz page.

Via: AppleInsider

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Bid for a lunch with Tim Cook, help a good cause


Would ask for a free apple ecosystem. Just kidding, I would probably want to ask about inspiration and where apple is going, just what kind of things did he help with in Apple's history.

I'll probably spend the whole hour on my iPhone I wonder if he would be annoyed

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I would ask him if he would consider increasing the width of the new bigger iPhone 6 screen instead of stretching it vertically -:)

iPad mini actually looks great because Apple got it right with both the length and breadth of the screen dimension and not copying the hundreds of mini android tabs flooding the market.

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I'd just be happy to have a captive audience so I'd go on about the rise of digital comics, how awesome Marvel's comics on dvd still are, and why Superior Spider-Man has won my geeky little heart.

He might pay me off just to shut me up.