Big Nerd Ranch hits the road this fall to teach iOS 8 and Swift

Big Nerd Ranch hits the road this fall with iOS 8 and Swift

App development education group Big Nerd Ranch has announced a roadshow for Swift and iOS 8. Coming this fall, the eight-city show will offer advanced classes for both Swift and iOS 8 to experienced iOS developers. These will be one-day courses, and developers can sign up for either or both. They will run from 8AM to 5PM and cost $700. Both classes will go over the ins and outs of Apple's new software and programming language, for instance, detailing the differences in writing in Swift and Objective-C.

The Roadshow will kick off on October 2 in Atlanta, lasting there until October 3. The show will come to San Francisco on October 9 and 10. From October 16-17, the show will be in Portland Oregon and New York City. Washington DC and London will have it on October 23 and 24, while Chicago will host on November 6 and 7. The show ends with the Austin, Texas stop on December 11 and 12.

Registration for the show opens on August 18. If it's coming to a city near you, will you be signing up for one or both of the classes? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Big Nerd Ranch

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Big Nerd Ranch hits the road this fall to teach iOS 8 and Swift

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I wonder when they will have their Swift book out. They wrote the gold standard for learning Objective-C and iOS development.