Bill Gates talks about relationship with Steve Jobs

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During a recent ABC News interview, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates offered up some insight into his ongoing relationship and final conversations with Apple co-founder,Steve Jobs.

He and I always enjoyed talking. He would throw some things out, you know, some stimulating things. We’d talk about the other companies that have come along. We talked about our families and how lucky we’d both been in terms of the women we married. It was great relaxed conversation.

Gates also commented on how Steve Jobs' death impacted him.

Well, it’s very strange to have somebody who’s so vibrant and made such a huge difference and been … kind of a constant presence, to have him die. It makes you feel like, ‘Wow, we’re getting old.’ I hope I still have quite a bit of time for the focus I have now, which is the philanthropic work. And there’s drugs we’re investing in now that won’t be out for 15 years — malaria eradication, I need a couple of decades here to fulfill that opportunity. But, you know, it reminds you that you gotta pick important stuff, because you only have a limited time.


Source: ABC News

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Reader comments

Bill Gates talks about relationship with Steve Jobs


This is why I like Bill Gates regardless of what others think of him. He was good friends with Steve, yes they had different styles and beliefs but in the end they were still on good terms. The fact they would talk so often without anyone else knowing shows that each of them could put away the petty small BS. Rivals and friends at the same time.
Let the Gates/Microsoft bashing begin...

Business is business and friendship is friendship, you should not mix the two.You can disagree with someone in business but it has nothing to do with your friendship..

That is a great man. Left his company when it was on top to devote himself to the eradication of preventable deseases like malaria, to put his fortune to good use.
I know that when Gates dies we won't see a tenth of the cult histeria that surrounded Jobs death, but his legacy, which already saved the lives of millions of children in Africa, will be beyond comparison to marketing nice gadgets to affluent customers. It puts everything in a new perspective.

Oh man this brought out some sad feeling about when Steve passed away. Bill has always been a great person and role model for me growing up. It not that he was in competition with Apple but the simple fact that he was out to do something and changed the world in IT.

Gates can and should do whatever he'd like with his money, but I've always been of the opinion this much of his and Buffett's fortune would actually disappear down a hole. Not without some good, but I think they'd have been better off making the environment better for actual liberty--providing education and support for that.
Of course, neither man actually believes in liberty beyond a certain point, but rather that governments and men like them know better how the rest of us are supposed to live. What good will it be to have more people survive diseases only to be crushed by various flavors of totalitarian government. That includes what ours is becoming...

I think it is very hard to enjoy an "environment better for actual liberty–providing education" when you are dying of malaria or cholera.
His foundation saves lives of newborns in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the US, mostly on poor democracies like Malawi and Mozambique, but also on poor populations of rich democracies, the ones too poor to buy milk, not to mention iPads and iPhones. It's not all about totalitarian regimes, it is much, much wider than that.
By contrast, Apple (and everybody else) makes all its expensive gadgets in a totalitarian country, China, directly contributing to the maintenance of that regime.

Bill was fine, and still is. Sure, there's been some bashing because of Microsoft and his particular vision during his reign there. But, as far as I see it, he's distanced himself from Microsoft and it's showing a side of Bill we are yet being enlightened to. In that same vein, Microsoft is showing itself to be a mere shell of its once-proud existence, a has-been eyesore being run into the ground by a used car salesman in Vegas.

Actually, Microsoft has been doing some of the most innovative work in the tech industry in the past few years. Suffice to say Apple uses Microsoft Azure to power its iCloud services, and Ford uses a Microsoft platform for its innovative MyFord Touch.
Let's remember for a second that the Kinect broke all sales records of electronics devices, including iPads and iPhones, and the Windows Phone 7, in spite of its low market share, is arguably the most innovative mobile OS since the lauch of iOS in 2007.
We all tend to have a negative perspective whenever Microsoft is mentioned, and that usually eclipses the actual facts. The fact is that Microsoft has beeen quietly reinventing itself and is doing just fine.

re: Kinect - That is a bit deceptive without some background. The record is for consumer electronics devices over a very short time period... and Microsoft broke it at Christmas. The Kinect, otherwise, hasn't really been selling all that well, and IMO, isn't nearly as good as Sony's Move as an overall game controller (Move is much more flexible and works better).
For example, Microsoft has sold about 18M Kinects TOTAL. Apple sold nearly that many iPods or iPads in just the last quarter (after the holidays, mind you) and over twice as many iPhones in the quarter.
Whether Microsoft is reinventing itself or not remains to be seen. I hope it does as more real competition doesn't hurt. If Microsoft hadn't got to where they are by cheating, I doubt many people would have so much against them, at least not to strongly.
Microsoft has a lot of making up for all the years they held back the technology industry. If it becomes clear they have changed their ways, and they do good work, many of us will gladly welcome them to the fold. While I love Apple, if Microsoft puts out a good product one day, I'll happily buy it and recommend it to others.

What you call "cheating" are the same business practices that Apple and Google are conducting right now. The only difference is that Steve Jobs was a cult leader and that inspired a religious following, a type of advantage no other company in history had. That is Apple's secret, not the quality of its devices.

The key difference is what we call a monopoly. At some point, Apple or Google might be subject to just such an investigation. If they are guilty, then hopefully, unlike Microsoft, they will get penalized. That is never healthy for an industry, so should be stopped.
You'd have to give me some example, though, of how what Apple and Google are doing is similar to what Microsoft did.
I'm not sure how Steve was this cult leader you speak of. There is nothing keeping any of us faithful to Apple. Why would anyone follow if not for the quality of their products? Ya don't know, do ya. ;)

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