BREAKING: Fire at Apple Cupertino Campus

Apple's Headquarters in Cupertino caught fire overnight. A three-alarm fire burned in the building known as Valley Green 6. The Santa Clara Fire Department received reports of smoke at about 10 P.M. Pacific Time. No injuries have been reported and the building was cleared. At about midnight Pacific Time the fire dispatcher was still uncertain on when the fire would be contained.

We're not exactly sure what goes on in the Valley Green 6 building but the obvious joke would be that it houses MobileMe. On a more serious note, we at TiPb hope that the firefighters are able to contain the fire and get home safe. Hopefully, everything and everybody will be okay.

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Reader comments

BREAKING: Fire at Apple Cupertino Campus


Here's hoping all employees and firefighters got out quickly and safely, that everyone is healthy and back with their loved ones, and that any damage and impact on Apple will be minimal.

Oh noes! Hope everybody is safe and nothing too important was lost. But most importantly, were the firemen able to rescue the hamster that powers the MobileMe server?

@ Ali
I blame RIM. Who else would be threatened by that hamster? Microsoft would want him to succeed because of the connection between Apple and MS Exchange for email. Besides, every time that hamster is off his game and MobileMe is down is another time that RIM can take down their NOC and say that they're still more reliable than Apple.

I second (or third) the hope of safety to all humans involved in this .... "accident?" Perhaps someone was following Jobs' orders and "taking care" of the MobileMe fiasco. Remove all evidence, pretend it never happened, deny deny deny. :)