Cameron Daigle's "Is the iPad Just a Big iPhone?" UI Presentation from PodCamp Nashville


Cameron Daigle's "is the iPad just a big iPhone" user interface presentation from PodCamp Nashville. Note, the second slide is a gigantic "NO."

[via Daring Fireball]

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Matt (sZ) says:

I firmly believe Apple got it right, and a LOT of these companies KNOW it...

kerbero9 says:

Of course its not a giant iPhone because even the 3g version lacks the ability to send/receive voice calls.
Should of renamed the presentation to "Is the iPad just a big iPod?"
Second slide a gigantic YES...

Sadie says:

The iPad is not a big iPhone, considering that it lacks the phone component. I personally have been calling it a big iPod touch.

Maa says:

It is a big iPod Touch with a new interface.

fastlane says:

Actually, the iPod touch is just a small iPad. The iPad has been in development longer.

Edie says:

The reason why iPad isn't getting many "wowers!" Is because the iPhone & iPod touch came before it, while Apple had already been in development with the iPad. That's why they don't see it attractive and think of it as the big iPod touch. If it were the other way around, they could of still be talking and be amazed on how multi-touch is amazing.
And weren't people complaing about getting bigger screeens and keyboards? Where's that "bigger is better" saying? Idk, I think iPad is not a blown up iPod touch, but another step foward into mobility and differences of mobility in a thin device.

Rhit says:

Didn't Steve Jobs already make a powerpoint presentation as to why the iPad is "awesome"? Yeah, and, well, no one cared.
It should be clear to people that if a new piece of technology NEEDS to be explained to people via, not one, but TWO, boring powerpointS, the item HAS NOT caught on and isn't worth it until it undergoes substantial changes.
Only enthusiasts, fanboys, and industries with specifically programmed software (think, doctors and hospitals to view digitized medical files) will buy the iPad. The WOW factor surrounding the iPhone is CLEARLY missing from the iPad and for apparent reasons.
Get over it. No, please, get over it.

L says:

Is the rumour now that it's a "big iPhone"? It went from being a "big iPod touch" to a "big iPhone"? lol

Booger McGee says:

Of course not. It's a big iPod. It can't even make a phone call.

Jason says:

Anyone answering "Yes" to that question should really see Daigle's full presentation. They make some very compelling cases.

Jo Blow says:

I remember similar naysayers about the iphone

deadp1xel says:

I am still a firm believer that there is more to the iPad then what was shown during the unveiling. I'm convinced that 4.0 has a lot in store. I can't fathom Apple wanting to loose their lead. Also, they HAVE to do SOMETHING because if they don't no one will know what a iPad is in November when the Microsoft Courier comes out.

Rjd says:

Why would anyone buy an ipad when they can buy the new HP slate that will do so much more??

Michael Denney says:

I'll probably be buying an ipad for business use myself. The slate looks nice but no pricing or any other details makes it hard to fall in love with.

Lady Kaede says:

Please listen to Jason and actually go read the presentation. You aren't even talking about what this presentation is about. I sure hope none of you are iPhone developers!

Lady Kaede says:

All of Daigle's points are good. Most of the problems for rethinking UI for iPad look like fun to me except one: what to do with 5 x more screen real-estate when upscaling iPhone screens with only one or three elements/controls . . . if you're lucky, you've got three or five of those in the app, and can combine them into some pleasing and logical arrangement, but if you've basically got one? Gonna be weird.

fastlane says:


Why would anyone buy an ipad when they can buy the new HP slate that will do so much more??

Because the HP runs Windows. :lol:

Mrjr says:

Guys. Seriously. The "it's not an iPhone, it can't even make phone calls" comment is getting really old. It's really not as clever as you think. No one flips out when "iPhone games" or "iPhone apps" are mentioned. No, everyone knows the apps work across both devices. "iPhone" stands for either and both...
Depending on context. In the context of the operating system, they are all virtually the same--no question. In the context of the hardware, however, it's no more fitting to call it "just a big iPod touch" than it is to call it a "big iPhone". I think a better case could be made that the form-factor and/or function serve to define the device. Especially here, form-factor arguably differentiates iPad.

Rjd says:

@fastlane: that's the point. The HP slate runs win 7 which gives the slate device MUCH more capability than the maxiPad.

Clarita Slimak says:

Como puedo actualizar mi iphone? por que no encuantro como hacerlo, eso si sinpagar

chris says:

if the ipad is the future than I wanna stay in the present

Lady Kaede says:

and if I'm in the future, I'm glad Chris is in the past

derpderpderp says:

Looked at that "slideshow" and can't help but be blown away by their last "point" which I quote, "The iPhone is just a small iPad (that makes phone calls)
Now historically speaking, how is that possible? If the iPhone came first and it's the point of reference for this touch-controlled product line then how is it that the iPhone is some kind of rip off of an iPad when the iPad wasn't even thought up three (almost four) years ago?! I can't even tell you how pointless, stupid, idiotic and silly the iPad is. Jobs asked the audience if theres room for a device between a mobile smartphone and a laptop and this iPad is far from that. It's got the broken operating system of a phone with the specs of a decent laptop computer. That's like an average looking person BUT they happen to have bricks for brains. I don't envy anyone silly enough to purchase this broken device.

Rjd says:

I agree. It's to large to be a portable gaming device or music player. It's too lacking in capabilities to be a portable video device or laptop / netbook replacement. It has no stylus for note taking. And it's too expensive to be a reader. It's a fail as far as I'm concerned.

Harish Joshi says:

I was really excited about the iPad, but got disappointed that I still need my computer and iPhone when I travel. There is a desperate need for a iPhone kinda ipad with Macbook Pro capabilities.